Courses Abroad


1. Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences
2. Greenhouse Technician (Academic)
3. Horticulture Technician (Academic)
4. Diploma in Horticulture Technician
5. Horticulture Technician
6. Environmental Landscape Management
7. Wine Business Management
8. Sustainable Agriculture-(Co-Op)
9. Bachelor of Applied Science: Sustainable Agriculture
10. Horticultural Technician (Co-Op)
11. Diploma in Agribusiness
12. Horticultural Industries
13. Diploma in Forestry Technician
14. Urban Forestry Technician Co-Op
15. Environmental Technician – Advanced Standing
16. Greenspace Horticulture
17. Forestry Technician – Conservation
18. Agricultural Equipment Technician
19. Agribusiness
20. Forestry
21. Plant Sciences
22. Animal and Poultry Science
23. M.Agr.
24. Master of Agriculture
25. M.Sc. Food Business Strategy
26. M.Sc. Food Safety & Risk Analysis
27. Print Food Business M.Sc.
28. (M.Sc.) Agricultural, Climate Change & Transitions
29. B.Sc. (Hons) In Agriculture
30. B.Sc. (Hons) In Sustainable Agriculture
31. Bachelors of Aquaculture and Marine Conservation
32. Master of Agriculture
33. Postgraduate Diploma in Forestry Pgdipfor
34. Nursery and Fruit Production (Two-Year Pathway for International Students)
35. Master of Pest Management
36. Master of Horticultural Science
37. M.Sc. Agri-Food Technology
38. Master of Management in Agribusiness
39. Master of Management in Agricultural Systems
40. Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Management
41. Postgraduate Diploma in Water Resource Management
42. Master of Science (Horticultural Science)
43. Master of Agriculture (Magr)
44. Master of Science (Ecology)
45. Master of Science (Plant Biology)
46. Master of Agribusiness
47. Postgraduate Diploma in Horticultural Science
48. Postgraduate Diploma in Agricultural Science
49. Graduate Diploma in Viticulture and Oenology
50. Graduate Diploma in Applied Management – Forestry Strand
51. Bachelor of Science in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Communication
52. Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education
53. Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering
54. Bachelor of Science in Agronomy
55. Bachelor of Science in Grassland Ecology & Management
56. Bachelor of Science in Horticulture


1. Master of Architecture
2. Master of Construction Management (Professional)
3. Master of Landscape Architecture
4. Masters of Architecture (Urban Transformation)
5. Bachelor of Design (Architecture)
6. Bachelor of Building Surveying
7. Honours Bachelors in Interior Design
8. Bachelor of Building Science
9. Building Information Modelling – Lifecycle Management
10. Construction Project Management
11. Honours Bachelor of Environmental Design and Planning
12. Bachelor of Applied Technology Degree – Construction Science and Management
13. Construction Management
14. Residential Construction Management Program
15. Construction Project Management
16. Applied Planning
17. Drywall Systems Estimating Program (Postgraduate)
18. Residential Construction Management Program (Postgraduate)
19. Interior Decorating
20. Building Renovation Technician
21. Architectural Technician
22. Master of Architecture (MArch)
23. Interior Design Technology
24. Servery Engineering Technician
25. Construction Renovation Technician
26. Interior Decorating
27. Wood Working Technician
28. Renovation Technician – Construction (Co-op)
29. Diploma in Architectural Technician Program
30. Home Renovation Technician
31. Architectural Technology
32. Architectural Technology (Co-op)
33. Architectural Technology (Fast – Track)
34. Advanced Diploma in Construction Engineering Technology Program
35. Advance Diploma Architectural Technology
36. General Construction Carpentry Techniques
37. Construction Techniques
38. Construction Carpentry Techniques
39. Diploma in Architectural & Engineering Technology
40. Diploma Architectural Technician/ Technology
41. Diploma Construction Engineering Technician
42. Architectural Technician
43. Smart City Design (M.A.)
44. MArch Architecture
45. MA in Design (Interior Architecture)
46. Architecture (Joint Programme with CIT)
47. Master in Architecture
48. Diploma in Green Technology Management
49. Diploma in Green Building
50. NZ diploma in construction management (Level 6)
51. diploma in construction management
52. New Zealand Diploma in Construction [Quantity Surveying strand] (Level 6)
53. National Diploma in Architectural Technology
54. National Diploma in Quantity Surveying (Level 6)
55. Diploma in Architectural Draughting (Level 6)
56. National Diploma in Construction Management (Level 6)
57. New Zealand diploma in Architectural technology
58. New Zealand Diploma in Construction (Level 6) With strand in Quantity Surveying
59. National Diploma in Quantity Surveying
60. Master of Planning (MPlan)
61. Master of Interior Architecture
62. Master of Architecture – March
63. New Zealand Diploma in Quantity Surveying (Level 6)
64. Master of Construction Management
65. Master of Architecture (Professional)
66. Master of Architectural Engineering
67. Master of Landscape Architecture (Research)
68. Postgraduate Diploma in Landscape Studies
69. Master of Landscape Architecture
70. Master of Building Science
71. Postgraduate Diploma in Architectural Science
72. Master of Architecture (Professional) (MArch [Prof])
73. Postgraduate Diploma in Architecture History and Theory – PGDipAHT
74. Master of Landscape Architecture – MLA
75. Graduate Diploma in Quantity Surveying (Level 7
76. Bachelor of Construction (Construction Management)
77. Bachelor of Construction (Construction Economics)
78. Bachelor of Construction (with specialisations in Construction Management and Quantity Surveying) (Level 7)
79. Graduate Diploma in Designed Environments – GDipDE
80. Postgraduate Diploma in Construction (Construction Law)
81. Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Civil)
82. Bachelor of Construction (BConst)
83. BSc Architecture and Urban Planning
84. MSc Architecture
85. Diploma in Construction engineering
86. Sustainable Building Information Management
87. Information Architecture and Innovation
88. Architecture and Urban Design
89. Sound and Vibration
90. Infrastructure and Environmental Engineering
91. Design and Construction Project Management
92. Structural Engineering and Building Technology
93. Architecture and Planning Beyond Sustainability
94. Certificate Course in Interior Design
95. Bachelor of Architecture
96. Bachelor of Business Administration in Forensic Accounting
97. Bachelor of Science in Interior Design
98. B ARCH Bachelor of Architecture
99. Bachelor of Interior Design
100. Bachelor of Architecture
101. In Clearing School of Art, Design and Architecture BSc (Hons)
102. Architectural Engineering
103. BA (Hons) Architecture
104. Interior Design BA (HONS)
105. BA (Hons) Architecture
106. Architectural Design and Technology BSc (Hons)
107. BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design
108. Interior Design and Retail Branding BA (Hons)
109. Interior Design BA (Hons
110. BA (Hons) Interior Design
111. MSC Technical Architecture
112. MARCH Architecture (2 years)
113. BSC (Honours) Architecture
114. Town Planning MSc
115. Architecture BA (Hons)
116. BA (Hons) Architecture
117. Interior Architecture and Design
118. Interior Architecture BA Honours
119. Architectural Technology BSc (honors)
120. Architecture BA (Honors)
121. MSc Sustainable Planning
122. Construction Project Management MSc
123. Building Information Management MSc
124. Conservation Architecture MA
125. Construction Management with Digital Engineering
126. Master of Landscape Architecture
127. MSc Sustainability, Technology and Innovation Management
128. MA Architecture and Urbanism
129. BSc (Hons) Architecture (ARB/RIBA Part 1)
130. BA (Hons) Architecture
131. Quantity Surveying
132. Architecture and Sustainability MSc
133. Construction Management MSc
134. MA Urban Design
135. MA Professional Landscape Architecture with Conversion
136. MArch Architecture (ARB/RIBA Part 2)
137. Interiors (Architecture and Design) MA
138. MSc Construction Management
139. M.Sc. Project Management in Construction
140. MSc Structural Engineering
141. MSc Architecture
142. Urban Design and Planning
143. MSc Construction Project Management
144. Visual Arts Administration
145. Bachelor of Science in Design (BSD-Architecture)
146. Professional Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (BLA)

Arts, Design, Music

1. Advanced Diploma of Music Industry
2. certificate IV in patisserie
3. Advanced diploma of hospitality management
4. certificate IV in commercial cookery
5. Master of Screen and Media Production
6. Master of Creative Industries
7. Master of Creative Arts
8. Master of Arts (Humanities and Social Sciences)
9. Master of Public Policy
10. Bachelor of Design (BDES)
11. Bachelor of Arts
12. Bachelor of Design (3D Animation)
13. Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication)
14. Bachelor of Creative Arts (Visual Communication Design)
15. Bachelor of Design
16. Bachelor of Interior Design (Honours)
17. Bachelor of Arts Degree – Applied Behaviour Analysis (Autism)
18. Bachelor of Industrial Design
19. Bachelor of Creative Advertising
20. Graduate in Bachelor of Music (Keyboard)
21. Honours Bachelor of Interior Design
22. Photography
23. Associate of Arts Degree
24. Bachelor of Applied Design in Interior Design
25. Bachelor of Design in Graphic Design
26. Bachelor of Science in Game Programming
27. Diploma in Audio Production
28. Bachelor of Design, Product Design
29. Honours Bachelor of Arts (Psychology Major) Degree Program
30. Bachelor of Arts (BA)
31. Game and Level Design
32. 3D Animation for Television and Cinema
33. Bachelors in Interior Design (Honors)
35. Bachelor of Interior Design (Honours) (Co-op)
36. Apparel Technical design
37. Public Relations – Corporate Communications
38. Advanced Television and Film
39. Bachelor of Animation
40. Graduate certificate in Bachelor of Film and Television
41. Honours in Psychology (Arts)
42. Honours bachelors of Game Design
43. Honours Bachelor of Photography
44. Bachelor of Game Design
45. Kitchen and Bath Design
46. Post Graduate Certificate in Web Design
47. Concept Art for Entertainment program
48. Game Art & Design
49. Interior Design
50. Interactive Media Specialist
51. Broadcast Journalism – Television News
52. Technical Communication (Optional Co-op)
53. Television Writing and Producing
54. Museum and Gallery Studies
55. Graduate Certificate in Visual Effects for Film and Television
56. Graduate Certificate in 3D Animation
57. Advertising Copywriting
58. Advertising – Media Management
59. Photography – Advanced
60. Advanced Photography
61. Advertising – Digital Media Management (Graduate Certificate) – New
62. Advanced Filmmaking Graduate certificate -New
63. Communications and Media Fundamentals
64. Arts Management
65. Public Relations – Corporate Communications (Story Arts Centre)
66. PG Certificate in Kitchen and Bath Design
67. Interactive Media Management
68. Cultural Heritage Conservation and Management
69. Documentary & Non-Fiction Media Production
70. Interactive Media Management
71. Digital Creature Animation – Technical Direction
72. Acting for Film + Television
73. Art and Design Foundation
74. Postgraduate in Interdisciplinary Design Strategy
75. Digital Design – Game Design Program (Postgraduate)
76. Post Graduate in Design Management
77. Diploma in Fine Arts
78. Honours Bachelors of Interaction Design
79. Animation
80. Advance Diploma in Game Development
81. Graphic Design – Visual Communication
82. Graphic Design
83. Game – Art
84. Motion Picture Arts Diploma
85. 3D Animation for Film and Games Diploma
86. Diploma in Archaeology
87. Digital Arts & New Media
88. Water and Wastewater Technician
89. Photography
90. Library and Information Technician
91. Journalism
92. Visual Merchandising Arts
93. Visual and Creative Arts
94. Media Production
95. Interactive Design and Technology
96. Diploma in Graphic communications
97. Digital Design
98. Classical Animation
99. Programming for Games, Web & Mobile
100. Animation Concept Art
101. Animation Art & Design
102. Digital Film and Video
103. Professional Recording Arts
104. 3D Creation for Video Games
105. Graphic Design – Advanced
106. Advanced Visual Effects
107. Game – Art Program
108. Interaction Design and Development
109. Interior Design Technology
110. Advanced Diploma in Interior Design Technology
111. Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design
112. Fine Arts – Advanced
113. Music Industry Arts and Performance
114. Broadcasting – Radio, Television, Film & Digital Media
115. Game Development and Design
116. Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design
117. Interior Design
118. Advanced Diploma – Graphic Design (GDES)
119. Broadcasting – Radio, Television and Film
120. Advanced Diploma in Interior Design
121. Advanced Diploma in graphic Design
122. General Arts and Science – Certificate
123. Animation – 3D
124. Design Foundation Course
125. Certificate in Art and Design Fundamentals (AFPG)
126. Public Relations – Corporate Communications
127. Art and Design Fundamentals
128. Acting Essentials
129. Intensive English for International Students
130. Digital Media Design
131. 2D Animation & Digital Art
132. 3D Animation for Game, Film & Visual Effects
133. Diploma in Arts and Science (General)
134. Fine Arts
135. Animation
136. Fine Arts
137. Graphic Design Production
138. Diploma in Fashion Management
139. Arts and Science – University Transfer
140. Visual Merchandising Arts
141. Interior Decorating
142. Advertising and Graphic Design
143. Broadcast Television/Videography
144. Jewellery Methods Program
145. Digital Visual Effects
146. Design and Visual Arts (ADSP)
147. Interactive Media Design
148. Diploma in Animation-Digital Arts
149. Digital Media Production
150. Diploma in Interactive Media Design and Production
151. Interactive Media Design
152. Game – Design
153. Broadcasting – Radio
154. General Arts and Science
155. General Arts and Science – Diploma Option
156. Visual Merchandising Arts
157. Carpentry and Renovation Technician (Co-op)
158. Acting for Film and Television
159. Dance Movement Therapy (M. A.)
160. Innovation Design Management Master of Arts
161. Photography Master of Arts
162. MBA- Design Management
163. MSc Design Management
164. Design Management (M.A.)
165. Master’s degree in Design Thinking (M.A.)
166. Master’s in Brand Management (M.A.)
167. Game Design Bachelor of Arts
168. Communication Design Bachelor of Arts
169. Photography Bachelor of Arts
170. BA in Media Arts & Technologies
171. Master of Arts in Creative Writing (Full- Time) Autumn Start
172. MA (Writing)
173. MA (Literature and Publishing)
174. MA Journalism
175. Master of Arts in Interaction Design
176. Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies, MA
177. MSc in Applied Economics
178. MLIS Library & Information Studies
179. Art Management
180. Curatorial Management
181. Contemporary Interior Design / Interior Design
182. Surface and Textile Design
183. Contemporary Furniture Design
184. Fine Jewellery Design
185. Design Management
186. Car Design
187. Exhibit Design
188. Lighting Design
189. Digital Imaging
190. Fashion & Luxury Brand Management
191. Multimedia Arts
192. Art History and Culture
193. Interior Design and Lighting
194. Product Design
195. Visual Design
196. Product Design and Furniture
197. international economics and commercial diplomacy
198. Bachelor in Fashion Design (Double diploma)
199. International Politics and Development Studies
200. BA (Hons) Design Communication
201. BA (Hons) Product Design
202. BA (Hons) in Product Design
203. BA (Hons) Multimedia Design
204. Diploma in Culinary Arts
205. Painting (MA in Fine Art and Design)
206. MADtech (MA in Fine Art and Design)
207. Fine Art
208. Communication & Multimedia Design, major Game Design
209. Design
210. Bachelor of Design
211. Bachelor of Art and Design (Honours)
212. Bachelor of Culinary Arts
213. Bachelor of Design (Interiors)
214. Bachelor of Design (Product)
215. Bachelor of Applied Arts (Visual Arts)
216. Game Arts-Bachelor of Creative Technologies
217. Bachelor of Arts – Event Management
218. Bachelor of Arts
219. Bachelor of Fine Arts
220. Bachelor of Arts with Honours
221. Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours
222. Bachelor of Design (Communication)
223. Master of Design
224. Postgraduate Diploma of Computer Graphic
225. Master of International Communication
226. Master of Creative Practice
227. Master of Arts
228. Master of Fine Arts
229. Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing
230. Master of Art and Design
231. Master of Arts Management
232. Master of Design Enterprise
233. Postgraduate Diploma in Design
234. Post Graduate Diploma in Art and Design
235. Post Graduate Diploma in Performance and Media Art
236. Postgraduate Diploma in Arts – PGDipArts
237. Graduate Diploma in Fine Arts (GDipFA)
238. Graduate diplomas in Design (Specialty)
239. Graduate Diploma in Innovation and Entrepreneurship
240. Graduate Diploma in Design (Specialty)
241. Graduate Diploma in Visual Arts
242. Graduate Diploma in Animation
243. Graduate Diploma and Graduate Certificate in Arts
244. Graduate Diploma in Arts
245. Graduate Diploma in Arts and Graduate Certificate in Arts
246. Graduate Diploma in Creative Entrepreneurship
247. Graduate Diploma in Creative Enterprise
248. Graduate Diploma in Arts – GDipArts
249. Graduate Diploma in Creative Technologies
250. Interactive Design
251. Graduate Diploma in Creative Writing
252. Graduate Diploma in Applied Arts
253. Creative Advertising
254. Diploma in Professional Culinary Arts
255. Diploma in Animation & Digital Video
256. Diploma in Digital Design – Web And Graphic
257. Diploma in Creative Digital Design
258. Diploma in Web and UX Design
259. Diploma in Digital Design – Web and Graphic Design
260. Diploma in 3D Production
261. Diploma in Digital Design – Animation and Film Production
262. Master of Arts -Media design
263. Master of Design Innovation – MDI
264. Master of User Experience Design
265. Diploma in Ceramic Art (Level 6)
266. New Zealand Diploma in Photography (Level 6)
267. New Zealand Diploma in Digital Media and Design (Level 5)
268. Diploma in Interior Design (Level 6)
269. Diploma in Applied Interior Design
270. Diploma in Computer Aided Design
271. Diploma in Professional Photography
272. Level 2 Diploma in Food Preparation and Cooking (Culinary Arts) – IVQ
273. Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Fashion Marketing
274. Bachelor of Design (Communication Design) (Top-up)
275. New Media Design
276. MA in Ethnic and Migration Studies, 120 credits
277. MSSc Gender Studies – Intersectionality and Change, 120 credits
278. Master’s Programme in Design, 120 credits
279. Master of Arts – Interior Design
280. B.DES Bachelor of Design – Interior Design
281. BA Honours Graphic Design
282. Bachelor of Games Development
283. BA (Hons)Commercial Music
284. Graphic Design BA (Hons)
285. Illustration BA (Hons)
286. Fashion Art Direction
287. BA (Hons) Interior Design
288. BA (Hons) Graphic Design
289. Ceramics – BA (Hons) Degree
290. BA Digital Animation
291. BA Drawing
292. BA Fine Art
293. BA Furniture and Product Design
294. BA Fashion Design
295. BA Graphic Communication
296. BA Interior Design
297. BA Photography
298. BA Textile Design for Fashion and Interiors
299. BA Contemporary Arts Practice
300. BA Contemporary Arts Practice
302. BA (Hons) Product Design
303. BA (Hons) Photography
304. BA (Hons) Graphic Design and Illustration
305. BA (Hons) Photography and Video Art
306. BA (Hons) Animation
307. BA (Hons) Acting
308. BA (Hons) Visual Effects and Motion Graphics
309. BA (Hons) Illustration
310. BA (Hons) Creative and Therapeutic Arts
311. Interior Design BA (Hons)
312. BA (Hons) Politics & International Relations and Journalism
313. BA (Hons) 2D Digital Animation
314. BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design with Optional Sandwich
Placement/ Study Abroad
315. BA (Hons) Visual Effects for Film and Television with Optional Sandwich
Placement/ Study Abroad
316. BA Honours Music Business and Arts Management
317. BA (Hons) Fashion Design
318. BA (Hons) Product and Industrial Design
319. Creative Writing and Journalism BA Honours
320. Theatre Arts BA Honours
321. Interior Design BA Honours
322. Fashion Communication and Styling BA Honour
323. BA (Hons) Product and Industrial Design
324. BA (Hons) Acting
325. Recording, Mixing and Production BA (Hons)
326. BA (Hons) Jewellery Design
327. BA (Honours) Performance for Stage and Screen
328. BA (Honours) Digital Media Production
329. BA (Honours) Jewellery, Materials and Design
330. Creative writing (Joint Honors) BA (Honors)
331. Creative Writing BA (Honors)
332. Computer Games Programming Bsc (Honors)
333. Design Crafts BA (Honors)
334. Communication Arts BA (honors)
335. Animation BA (Honors)
336. Fashion Design BA (Hons)
337. Performing Arts BA (Hons)
338. MA Screenwriting
339. MA Film
340. MA Film and Television Production with Directing
341. MSc Film and Television Production with Visual Effects
342. MA Film and Television Production with Cinematography
343. MA in Applied Linguistics
344. MA Graphics Communication
345. MA Film (Directing)
346. MA Film (Visual Effects)
347. MA Games Enterprise
348. MA Interior & Spatial Design
349. MA FILM
350. MSc Design & Manufacturing Management
351. MA Creative Writing
352. Communication, Media Practice and Public Relations, MA
353. Visual Effects MA
354. Comics and Graphic Novels MA
355. MA Concept Art for Games and Animation
356. VFX Technology MSc
357. MA Concept Art
358. MA Visual Communication
359. MA Visual Effects
360. Fashion MA
361. Creative Entrepreneurship (Media/Music) MA
362. Arts Management MA
363. MA Interior Architecture and Design
364. MA Animation
365. MA Games Art and Design
366. MSc Music and Sound Technology (Audio Engineering)
367. Design (Interaction)
368. MA Film and Television
369. Glass and Ceramics, B.A.
370. 2D Animation BA (Hons)
371. Graphic Design and Illustration BA (Hons)
372. Design Innovation MA/MSc
373. Design Management and Entrepreneurship MA
374. Digital Design MA
375. MA Filmmaking
376. MA Sound Design
377. Illustration & Animation – MA/PgD/PgC
378. MA/MFA Design: Graphic Design and Art Direction
379. Theatre & Performance Studies MA
380. MA Design: Ceramics
381. Creative Writing
382. MA Curatorial Practice
383. Computer Games Development (Art) MA
384. Art and Design MRes
385. Arts Management MA
386. Curatorial Practice MA
387. Songwriting (Campus Based) MA
388. Sound (Arts) MA
389. Sound (Design) MA
390. Art and Design (Foundation Studies) Btec Diploma
391. Bachelor Graphic Arts
392. Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts
393. Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science
394. Bachelor of Science in Design
395. Arts Management and Leadership (MFA)
396. Games and Game Design (BA)


1. Master Of Engineering (Telecommunications)
2. Diploma in Aviation –General Arts & Science
3. Aviation – General Arts and Science
4. Aviation Technician – Aircraft Maintenance
5. Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering Technician
6. Diploma in Aviation Technician and Aircraft Maintenance.
7. Commercial Pilot
8. Aircraft Maintenance Technician
9. Certification in Aviation Techniques – Aircraft Maintenance
10. Diploma in Aviation Management – General Arts and Science
11. Commercial Aviation Diploma
12. Aviation – Professional Pilot Diploma
13. Aviation
14. Aviation Technology – Aircraft Maintenance and Avionics
15. Aviation Technology – Aircraft Maintenance and Structures
16. Aviation Technology – Aircraft Maintenance & Avionics
17. Aviation Safety
18. Pre-Technology – Technology/Aviation Stream
19. Commercial Fixed Wing Pilot
20. Aviation Technician – Aircraft Maintenance
21. Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering Technician
22. Bachelor of Aviation Technology
23. Aerospace Engineering
24. Aviation Management
25. International Aviation Management
26. Master International Aviation Management
27. International Aviation Management
28. Master International Management: Aviation
29. MSc Aviation Transport
30. Masters Aviation Management
31. Postgraduate Diploma in Aviation
32. Graduate Diploma in Aviation
33. Bachelor of Aviation Air Transport Pilot (Aeroplane option)
34. Bachelor of Aviation
35. Bachelor of Aviation Management
36. Master of Aviation
37. NMIT Diploma in Aviation Science
38. Commercial Pilot Licence / Instrument Rating (Multi Engine) (CPL MEIR)
39. PPL/CPL – Theory (Aeroplane) (Level 5)
40. Commercial Pilot Licence – Indian DGCA Syllabus
41. Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering (European Regulations) Level 5
42. Basic Aircraft Maintenance
43. Bachelor of Aviation Management
44. BEng (Hons) Aerospace Engineering with Pilot Studies
45. BSc (Hons) Aviation Technology with Pilot Studies
46. BEng (Hons) Aeronautical Engineering (Including Foundation Year)
47. BSc (Hons) Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
48. BA (Hons) Airline and Airport Management
49. Aviation and Airport Management BSc (Hons)
50. Air Transport Management MSc
51. Aerospace Manufacturing MSc
52. MSC International Tourism and Aviation Management
53. MA International Tourism and Aviation Management with Internship
54. MSc Aviation Engineering and Management

Business / Management

1. Diploma of Business
2. Master of Accounting and Finance
3. Master of Business
4. Master of Arts (International Relations)
5. Master of Business (International Business)
6. Master of Business Administration, Master of Health Administration
7. Master of Event Management
8. Master of Management (Management and Organisations)
9. Master of Management (Human Resource Management)
10. Master of Business Administration (Advanced)
11. Master of Marketing Management
12. Master of Business Information Management and Systems
13. Master of Accounting (Research Studies)
14. Master of Financial Analysis (Research Methods)
15. Master of Financial Analysis (Financial Risk Management)
16. Master of Financial Analysis (Financial Planning)
17. Master of Financial Analysis (Investment)
18. Master of Financial Analysis/Master of Business Administration
19. Master of Financial Analysis/Master of International Business
20. Master of Business Administration
21. Master of International Business
22. Master of Business Analytics
23. Master of Professional Accounting (Business Analytics)
24. Master of Professional Accounting
25. Master of International Relations
26. Master of International Development
27. Master of Communication (Public Relations)
28. Master of Management (Supply Chain and Logistics)
29. Master of Project Management
30. Master of Management Information Systems
31. Master of International Hospitality Management
32. Master of Finance and Banking
33. Master of Business (Marketing)
34. Master of Planning
35. Master of Applied Finance
36. Executive Master of Business Administration
37. Master of Accountancy
38. Master of Business (Operations Management)
39. Master of Research (Business)
40. Master of Business (Human Resource Management)
41. Master of Science (Supply Chain Management & Project Management)
42. Master of Business (Double Specialisation)
43. Master of Applied Finance (Investing and Corporate Treasury)
44. Master of Science (Logistics)
45. Master of Science (Logistics & Project Management)
46. Master of Strategic Management and Marketing
47. Master of Commerce – Master of Strategic Human Resource Management
48. Master of Project Management
49. Master of Supply Chain Management
50. Master of Financial Management
51. Master of Management
52. Master of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
53. Master of Business (Industrial Relations/Human Resource Management)
54. Masters of Business (Accounting)
55. Master of Business (Enterprise Resource Planning Systems)
56. Master of Business (Tourism and Destination Management)
57. Master of Business Administration/ Master of Leadership
58. Master of Business (Sport Management)
59. Master of International Finance
60. Master of International Relations (International)
61. Master of Conflict and Dispute Resolution – MBA
62. Master of Business Administration-Marketing
63. Master of Business Administration (International Tourism)
64. Master of Business Administration (Managerial Accounting)
65. Graduate Certificate of Business
66. Graduate Certificate in Event Management
67. Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning)
68. Grad Cert in Leadership Diversity | Grad Dip of Strategic Leadership
69. Graduate Certificate in Management (Learning)
70. Postgraduate Qualifying Program (PQP)
71. Bachelor of Tourism Management
72. Bachelor of Finance (Banking)
73. Bachelor of Finance (Wealth Management)
74. Bachelor of Journalism
75. Bachelor of Commerce
76. Bachelor of Business (Tourism and Hospitality)
77. Honours Bachelor of Commerce – Business Technology Management
78. Mathematics/Financial Analysis and Risk Management
79. Environment and Business
80. Global Business and Digital Arts

Education & Teaching

1. Master of Teaching (Special Education) Secondary
2. Master of Teaching (Primary R-7)
3. master of teaching (early childhood education)
4. Master of Education
5. Masters in digital learning futures
6. Master of Teaching
7. Master of Education-Sustainability
8. Master of Teaching (Secondary)
9. Master of Education Advanced (TESOL)
10. Master of Education Advanced (Educational Leadership)
11. Master of Education (The Early Year)
12. Master of Teaching (Primary)
13. Master of Educational Leadership and Management
14. Master of Teaching (Birth – 5 Years/Birth – 12 Years)
15. Bachelor of Outreach and Community Education
16. Honours Bachelor of Early Childhood Leadership Program
17. Degree in Honours Bachelor of Early Childhood Leadership
18. Degree in Honours Bachelor of Interpretation (American Sign Language -English)
19. Graduate certificate in Honours Bachelor of Early Childhood Leadership
20. Master of Education in Special Education
21. Master of Education in Educational Leadership
22. Master of Education – Curriculum
23. Master of Education Program
24. College Teachers Training for Internationally Educated Professionals – Postgraduate
25. Early Childhood Assistant
26. Teaching English as a Second Language
27. Education Technology & Instructional Design
28. Advanced Teaching – E-Learning & Instructional Design
29. E-Learning Design & Training Development
30. Educational Leadership (MA)
31. Masters in Leadership (specialised in Education)
32. Master of Professional Education- M. Ped
33. Child and Youth care
34. Advanced Diploma in Child and Youth Worker Program
35. Early Childhood Assistant Program
36. Community Integration through Co-operative Education
37. Diploma in Early Childhood Education
38. Educational Assistant – Special Needs Support
39. Educational Support
40. Public relations
41. Early Childhood Care and Education-Infants and Toddlers Diploma
42. BA (Hons) in Early Years Education 3+0
43. MBA in Education
44. Master of Applied Professional Studies- Adult Teaching
45. Graduate Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (Level 7)
46. Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education (Level-7)
47. Master of Speech and Language Therapy
48. Educare The Swedish Preschool Model
49. PGCE Secondary Arabic Education 11-18 years (Dubai campus)
50. PGCE Secondary English Education (11 – 18 years)
51. PGCE Primary Education (5 – 11 years)
52. PGCE Secondary Mathematics Education (11 – 18 years)
53. PGCE Secondary Science Education (11 – 16 years)
54. PGCert in Inclusion and Special Educational Needs
55. MA Education (Coaching and Mentoring)
56. MA Education (Leadership Management)
57. MSc Economic and Financial Analysis
58. MA Educational Leadership and Management
59. MA Childhood and Youth Studies
60. Special Educational Needs and Disability MA
61. Education studies with Mandarin, Spanish and French BA
62. Education Study with Psychology BA (Honors)
63. BA Theology
64. Master of Education in Transformational Arts

Engineering & Technology

1. Master of Engineering Science
2. Master of Computing and Security by Research
3. The Shah Rukh Khan La Trobe University PhD Scholarship
4. Bachelor of Engineering (Instrumentation Control and Automation) Honours
5. Cert III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology + Cert IV in Automotive Mechanical
Diagnosis+ Diploma of Automotive Management
6. Cert III in Automotive Electrical Technology + Cert IV in Automotive Electrical
Technology + Diploma of Automotive Management
7. Diploma in Engineering- Mechanical
8. Diploma of Engineering (3 Session)
9. Diploma of Engineering
10. Master of Research (Engineering and Information Sciences)
11. Doctor of Philosophy
12. Master of Cybersecurity (Business Operations)
13. Master of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics
14. Master of Telecommunication and Network Engineering
15. Master of Electronic Engineering
16. Master of Engineering (Research)
17. Master of Construction and Engineering Management
18. Master of artificial intelligence
19. Master of Internet of Things
20. Master of Engineering (Manufacturing)
21. Master of Engineering (Building Fire Safety and Risk Engineering)
22. Masters in civil engineering specialization
23. Master of Data Science
24. Master of Management (Project Management)
25. Master of Engineering Management
26. Master of Engineering- Chemical
27. Master of Engineering (Mechanical)
28. Master of Engineering – Petroleum Specialization
29. masters in Electronics and Communications Engineering Specialisation
30. Master of Computer Science
31. Electrical Power Engineering Specialisation
32. Master of Research (Information & Engineering Sciences)
33. Master of Information Technology (Information Systems Development)
34. Master of Information Technology (Information Technology Strategic
35. Master of Engineering (Innovative Manufacturing)
36. Master of Engineering (Materials Engineering)
37. Master of Engineering (Asset Management)
38. Master of Engineering (Electrical)
39. Master of Computer Science (Software Engineering)
40. Master of Work Health and Safety Advanced
41. Master of Computer Science (Intelligent Systems)
42. Master of Engineering (Mining Engineering)
43. Master of Engineering (Mechatronic Engineering)
44. Master of Engineering (Computer Engineering)
45. Master of Engineering (Telecommunications Engineering)
46. Master of Computer Science (Machine Learning and Big Data)
47. Masters of Science (Research)
48. Master of Data Analytics
49. Electrical and Renewable Energy Engineering SPECIALISATION
50. Master of Engineering (Professional)Mechatronics and Control Engineering
51. Master of Applied Artificial Intelligence (Professional)
52. Master of Energy System Management (Professional)
53. Master of Biotechnology (Advanced)
54. Electrical and Renewable Energy Engineering
55. Master of Emergency and Disaster Management (MEMDM)
56. Instrumentation, Control and Automation Engineering Specialisation
57. Master of Health Science (Occupational Health and Safety)
58. Bachelor of Engineering (Biomedical) (Honours)
59. Bachelor of Engineering (Robotics) (Honours)
60. Bachelor of Mechatronic and Robotic Engineering (Honours)
61. Bachelor of Aviation
62. Bachelor of Technology (Motorsports)
63. Big Data Analytics
64. BET Chemical
65. Technical Management and Services
66. Applied Nuclear Science and Radiation Safety (Co-op and Non-Co-op Version)
67. Bachelor of Information Technology – Photonics and Laser Technology
68. Bachelor of Automation and Robotics
69. Earth Resources Technician
70. Renewable Energy Techniques
71. Cybersecurity and Threat Management
72. Advanced Diploma Electromechanical Engineering Technician/Technology
73. Bachelors in Architecture
74. Biomedical Engineering
75. Bachelor of Construction Management

Fashion Designing

1. Costume Production
2. Fashion Design Technician
3. Fashion Arts
4. Diploma in Fashion Management Program
5. Diploma in Fashion Business Industry
6. Diploma in Fashion Techniques and Design
7. Fashion Business
8. Fashion Design
9. Fashion Marketing
10. Fashion Marketing Diploma
11. International Fashion Management (Postgraduate) Program
12. Sustainable Fashion Production
13. Fashion Management and Promotions
14. Fashion Management
15. Fashion Studies
16. MA in Fashion, Retail and Luxury Management
18. Fashion Design and Accessories
19. Fashion Styling and Creative Direction
20. Fashion styling and visual Merchandising
21. Fashion Business, Communication and New Media
22. Fashion Design and Marketing
23. Fashion Design and Menswear
24. Fashion Styling, Photography & Film
25. Fashion Design and Womenswear
26. Contemporary Fashion Buying
27. Fashion Product Management
28. Fashion Start-Up
29. Luxury Accessories Design and Management
30. Master of Applied Management
31. Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Fashion and Textile Design
32. Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Fashion Product and Promotion
33. International Foundation Diploma in Science, Technology, Engineering,
Mathematics and Art – Fashion & Design
34. Diploma in Fashion Marketing and Communication
35. Fashion Entrepreneurship MA
36. MA/MFA Design: Embroidery
37. MA/MFA Design: Fashion Art Direction
38. MA/MFA Design: Textile Practice
39. MA Fashion Buying and Merchandising Management
40. BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing ART & DESIGN
41. Fashion Merchandising (B.S.)

Health Sciences

1. Diploma of Nursing
2. Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours)
3. Diploma of Health Sciences
4. Master of Engineering (Biomedical)
5. Master of Nursing (Acute Care)
6. Master of Health and International Development
7. Master of Science (Health Administration)
8. Audiology
9. master of speech pathology
10. Master of Audiology
11. Master of Occupational Therapy
12. Master of Public Health
13. Master of Environmental Health
15. Master of Clinical Audiology
16. Master of Counselling
17. Master of Health Informatics
18. Master of Indigenous Health
19. Master of Nursing (Mental Health)
20. Master of Psychology (Clinical)
21. Master of Public Health Advanced
22. Master of Science (Biotechnology)
23. Master of Science (Dementia Care)
24. Master of Science (Environmental Biology)
25. Master of Science (Gerontology & Rehabilitation Studies)
26. Master of Science (Medical Radiation Physics)
27. Master of Science (Chemistry)
28. Master of Science (Nutrition & Dietetics)
29. Master of Science and Management
30. Master of Public Health Extension
31. Master of Nursing Practice
32. Master of Public Health
33. Master of Business Administration (Healthcare Management)
34. Master of Public Health (Global Nutrition and Active Living)
35. Bachelor of Applied science and Master of Occupational Therapy practice
36. Master of Orthoptics
37. Initial Registration for Overseas Nurses
38. Master of Health Administration
39. Master of Health Information Management
40. Master of Psychotherapy and Counselling
41. Master of Nursing (Graduate Entry)
42. Master of Nutrition and dietetics
43. Master of Public Health by Research
44. Master of Nursing (Professional Studies)
45. Master of Health and Human Services Management
46. Master of Health Promotion
47. Master of Biomedical Sciences
48. Master of Medicine
49. Master of Nursing Science (Research)
50. Master of Occupational Therapy (Research)
51. Master of Pharmacy
52. Master of Physiotherapy
53. Master of Public Health-MBA
54. Master of Health Economics
55. Bachelor of Pharmacy
56. Bachelor of Nursing (BNRSG)
57. Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science
58. Bachelor of Psychological Science
59. Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)
60. Bachelor of Health Sciences
61. Bachelor of Food and Nutrition Sciences
62. Bachelors in Nursing (Honors)Straight to Registration
63. Bachelor of Nursing (Overseas Qualified Nurses)
64. Bachelor of Science (Medical Biotechnology)
65. Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)
66. Bachelor of Nursing/Bachelor of Midwifery
67. Bachelor of Nutrition Science
68. Bachelor of Vision Science/Master of Optometry
69. Bachelor of Nursing (Pre-Registration)
70. Bachelor of Science (Exercise and Sports Science)
71. Bachelor of Health Science (Therapeutic Recreation)
72. Bachelor of Applied Science and Master of Speech Pathology
73. Bachelor of Paramedicine
74. Bachelor of Dermal Sciences
75. Master of Clinical Exercise Science and Rehabilitation
76. MBBS
77. Nursing
78. Nursing – Bachelor of Science in Nursing
79. Interprofessional Practice – Gerontology
80. Bachelor of Emergency Management
81. B.Sc. Honours Biology and Biochemistry (Health and Biomedical Stream)
82. Bachelor of Behaviour, Cognition & Neuroscience
83. Bachelor of Health Science (Respiratory Therapy)
84. Health Care Administration
85. Bachelor of Science Human Nutrition (Transfer)
86. Honours Bachelor of Kinesiology
87. BA Psychology
88. Master of Public Health
89. Applied Health Informatics (Bachelors)(Co-op)
90. Honours Bachelor of Counselling Psychology
91. Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSCN)Collaborative Program
92. Bachelor of Nursing – Regular
93. Workplace Health and Wellness, Bachelor of Health Sciences
94. Bachelor of Athletic & Exercise Therapy
95. Pre-Professional Health Sciences
96. Respiratory Therapy
97. Bachelor of Environmental Public Health (Honours)
98. Chemical Lab Technician
99. Autism and Behavioural Sciences
100. Early Childhood Education
101. Graduate Diploma in Gerontology: Active Aging
102. Healthcare Management
103. Health Systems Management
104. QA / QC in the Pharmaceutical Industry
105. Leadership for Healthcare Professionals
106. Occupational Health & Safety Management
107. Health Analytics
108. Health Care Administration and Service Management
109. Community Pharmacy Assistant
110. Graduate Diploma in Professional Kinesiology
111. Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Health Care Management
112. Youth at Risk
113. Postgraduate Certificate in Palliative Care
114. Therapeutic Recreation
115. Health Informatics Program (Postgraduate)
116. Chronic Disease Management
117. Graduate certificate in Honours Bachelor of Health Sciences – Kinesiology
and Health Promotion
118. Bachelor of Science Biomedical Foundations
119. Mental Health Intervention
120. Pharmacology M.Sc.
121. Health Informatics
122. Professional Nursing Practice – Gerontology and Chronic Illness
123. Gerontology – Interprofessional Practice
124. Graduate Certificate in Magnetic Resonance Imaging
125. Graduate certificate in Autism and Behavioural Science
126. Gerontology Nursing
127. Graduate Certificate in Exercise Science for Health and Performance
128. Critical Care Nursing
129. Enhanced Practice for Internationally Educated Nurses
130. Healthcare Leadership and Management
131. Health Care Administration and service management
132. Occupational Health, Safety and Wellness
133. Global Studies Graduate Certificate
134. Dental Assisting (Levels I and II)
135. Graduate Certificate in Health Care Leadership
136. Addictions and Mental Health (Graduate Certificate) (ADMH)
137. Mediation – Alternative Dispute Resolution (graduate certificate) (MADR)
138. Graduate Certificate Workplace Wellness and Health Promotion
139. Bridging to University Nursing – Flexible
140. Advanced Health Care Leadership
141. Graduate Certificate in Concurrent Disorders
142. Graduate Certificate in Critical Care Nursing
143. Dental Care & Administration
144. Nursing Specialization – Critical Care Nursing & Administration
145. Health Informatics (NEW!)
146. Graduate Certificate – Activation Coordination in Gerontology – New (ACGR)
147. Graduate certificate in Addiction & Mental Health
148. Communicative Disorders Assistant (graduate certificate) (CDA)
149. Enhanced Nursing Practice – Clinical and Critical Care (Graduate Certificate)
150. Community and Social Service Management (Post-Graduate)
151. Mental Health and Substance Abuse – At-Risk Populations
152. Retirement Communities Management
153. Paralegal
154. Health Care Administration International
155. Communicative Disorders Assistant
156. Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography
157. Spa and Wellness Operations Management
158. Regulatory Affairs
159. Addictions: Treatment and Prevention
160. Acute Complex Care for Internationally Educated Nurses
161. Graduate Certificate in Pharmaceutical regulatory Affairs and Quality
162. Post-graduate Certificate in Nursing Leadership & Management
163. Infant and Early Child Mental Health
164. Coronary Care Nursing
165. Chronic Disease Management (CDM)
166. Cannabis Regulation & Quality Assurance
167. Digital Health
168. R.P.N. Bridge to B.Sc.N. (Postgraduate)
169. Health Informatics Program (Postgraduate)
170. Clinical Methods in Orthotics/Prosthetics Program (Postgraduate)
171. Youth Justice and Interventions (graduate certificate)
172. Social Service Diploma
173. Functional Genomics and Clinical Consultation
174. Kinesiology
175. MA in Leadership (Health Care Specialization)
176. Certificate Personal Support Worker
177. Psychiatric Nursing
178. Veterinary Technician
179. Pharmacy Technician Diploma
180. Social Service Worker
181. Social Service Worker Gerontology
182. Practical Nursing
183. Strength and Sport Conditioning
184. Certificate in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
185. Fitness And Health Promotion
186. Office Administration – Health Services
187. Occupational Therapist Assistant and Physiotherapist Assistant
188. Food and Nutrition
189. Dental Hygiene
190. Paramedic
191. Medical Laboratory Technician
192. Hearing Instrument Specialist
193. Biotechnology Technician
194. Early Childhood Education
195. Diploma in Early Learning and Child Care
196. Developmental Services worker
197. Healthcare Environmental Services Management
198. Recreation and Leisure Services
199. Diploma in Pharmacy Technician
200. Motive Power Technician (Automotive)
201. Diploma in Medical Radiation Technology
202. Recreation Therapy
203. Diagnostic Medical Sonography
204. Certificate in Retail Pharmacy Assistant
205. Dental Office Administration
206. Health Science Foundations General Arts & Science Health (Option)
207. Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Techniques – HVAC
208. Community Pharmacy Assistant
209. Health Care Aide
210. Acupuncture
211. Denturism
212. Behavioural Science Technology Program (Intensive)
213. Massage Therapy
214. Advanced Diploma in Physical Fitness Management (FLBU)
215. Food Science Technology (Fast Track)
216. Continuing Care Assistant (Full-Time)
217. Medical Device Reprocessing
218. Health Care Assistant
219. General information Program
220. Cosmetic Techniques and Management
221. Community and Justice Services
222. Community Worker – Outreach and Development
223. Opticianry
224. Chemical Laboratory Technician
225. Biotechnology
226. Biology
227. Associate of Arts Degree in Psychology
228. Cardiovascular Technology
229. Environmental Technician
230. Music Therapy (M. A.)
231. Biochemistry
232. Psychology and Sociology BA (Hons)
233. Criminology and Psychology BA (Hons)
234. Speech and Language Therapy BSc (Hons)
235. Pharmacy MPharm
236. Mental Health Nursing BSc (Hons)
237. Neuroscience BSc (Hons)
238. BSc (Hons) in Molecular Biology with Biopharmaceutical Science
239. Advanced Healthcare Practice MSc
240. MSc – Food Safety Management
241. M.A applied psychology- positive and coaching psychology
242. Clinical & Translational Research
243. Master of Engineering Science in Biopharmaceutical Engineering
244. M.Sc. in Toxicology & Regulatory Affairs
245. MSc Biotherapeutics
246. MSc Biotechnology
247. MSc Biological and Biomolecular Science
248. MSc Biotherapeutics and Business
249. MSc Nano Bio Science
250. MSc Immunology & Global Health
251. MSc (Neuropharmacology)
252. MSc Biomedical Engineering
253. Master of Sciences (Cellular Manufacturing and Therapy)
254. MSc (Clinical Research)
255. MSc (Toxicology)
256. MSc (Medical Physics)
257. MSc/Postgraduate Diploma (Multidisciplinary Radiology)
258. MSc (Preventive Cardiology) Postgraduate Diploma (Preventive Cardiology)
259. (MSc) Cheminformatics and Toxicology
260. Optometry
261. BA Biology and Genetics
262. Bachelor Technical Computer Science
263. Graduate Diploma in Mentoring and Professional Leadership
264. Graduate Diploma in Infection Risk Management
265. Graduate Diploma in Human Nutrition
266. Competency Assessment Programme – Registered Nurse
267. Graduate Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
268. Master of Dietetics (MDiet)
269. Postgraduate Diploma in consumer food Science
270. Master of Oral Health (MOH)
271. Cognitive and Behavioural Neuroscience
272. Master of Clinical Immunology
273. Master of Food safety and Quality
274. Master of Health Practice – Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
275. Master of Health Practice – Podiatry
276. Master of Health Practice – Rehabilitation
277. Master of Health Practice – Paramedicine
278. Master of Health Practice – Midwifery
279. Diploma in Counselling
280. Master of Science Pharmacology and Drug Discovery (Awarded by Coventry
University, UK)
281. Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)
282. Prosthetics and Orthotics
283. Biomarkers in Molecular Medicine – Master’s Programme
284. MSC Molecular Biology & Human Genetics
285. Criminology BSc (Hons)
286. Forensic Psychology BSc (Hons)
287. Advanced Midwifery Practice MSc
288. Animal Science and Welfare, BSc (Hons)
289. Sports Rehabilitation MSc
290. Food Processing Engineering MSc
291. MSc Planning Buildings for Health
292. MSc Development Studies
293. master of food innovation
294. MSc Regenerative Medicine
295. Dementia Care MSc
296. Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing MSc/PGDip/PGCert
297. Cardiac Rhythm Management and Electrophysiology
298. Cardiac Ultrasound MSc/PGDip/PGCert
299. Psychology Conversion MSc
300. Cardiac Ultrasound MSc
301. MSc Cardiology and Stroke
302. MSc Drug Discovery and Toxicology
303. MA Send and Inclusion
304. MSc Clinical Dermatology
305. MSc Business Psychology
306. MSc Advancing Clinical Pharmacy Practice
307. Psychological Well-being MSc/PG Dip/PG Cert
308. MSC Diabetes Care
309. MSC Parasitology
310. Psychology of Coercive Control
311. M.Sc. Nanomedicine
312. Drug Discovery and Development M.Sc.
313. Clinical Pharmacology, MSc
314. M.Sc. Medical Imaging
315. Drug Design and Discovery MSc
316. Aerospace Engineering MSc
317. MSc Midwifery
318. MSC Forensic Psychology
319. MSc Animal Behaviour

Hospitality & Tourism

1. Advanced Diploma of Hospitality
2. Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management)
3. Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery
4. Master of International Hospitality Management
5. Master of Management (Tourism and Hospitality)
6. Master of Tourism
7. Master of International Tourism and Hospitality Management
8. Bachelor of Hospitality Management
9. Bachelor of Business (International Hotel Management)
10. Bachelor of Business (Hospitality & Tourism Management)
11. Bachelors of Business (Culinary Management)
12. Bachelor of International Hotel and Resort Management
13. Hotel and Hospitality Services
14. Post-Secondary Hospitality Management Diploma
15. Hospitality Option, Tourism & Hospitality Management Diploma
16. Tourism and Hospitality Management Diploma – Adventure Guiding Option
17. Adventure Recreation and Parks Technician
18. Diploma in Nutrition & Food Service Management
19. Tourism Studies
20. Hospitality Skills
21. Flight Services (FLS)
22. Tourism – Travel Operations
23. Diploma in Hospitality Management – Hotel and Restaurant
24. Food and beverage management – Hotel and restaurant operations
25. Baking and Pastry Arts Management (Optional Co-op)
26. Tourism – Destinations and Travel Management (Optional Co-op)
27. Tourism Management- Business Development (co-op)
28. Brew master & Brewery Operations Management
29. Winery and Viticulture Technician
30. Hospitality Operations – Food & Beverage
31. Tourism Management for International Students
32. Culinary Arts
33. Tourism Techniques, Specialization in Development and Promotion of Travel
34. Food Service Management
35. DEP in Professional Cooking
36. Culinary Skills – Chef Training
37. Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Program
38. Tourism – Travel
39. Tourism-Travel and Eco-Adventure
40. Tourism – Operations Management
41. Hospitality-Hotel and Resort Services Management (Co-op)
42. Sommelier
43. Adventure Guide Diploma
44. Diploma in Adventure Management TRU
45. Ski Resort Operations and Management
46. Hospitality
47. Tourism – Services Management – Flight Services Specialization
48. Tourism – Services Management – Global Tourism Business Specialization (GTB)
49. Tourism – Services Management – Travel Services Specialization (Optional Co-op)
50. Diploma in Culinary Management – Nutrition Program
51. Graduate Certificate in Exercise Science and Lifestyle Management
53. Integrated Marketing Communication (Co-op)
54. Food Media
55. MSc Leisure & Tourism Management
56. Diploma in Hotel Management
57. Diploma in Restaurant Management

Humanities and Social Science

1. Master of Social Science (Environment and Heritage)
2. Master of Humanitarian Assistance
3. Master of Social Work (Qualifying)
4. Master of International Community Development
5. Master of Social Work
6. Master of Counselling
7. Bachelor of Psychology
8. Bachelor of Criminology
9. Bachelor of Arts (International Relations)
10. Bachelor of Social Work
11. Bachelor of Humanitarian and Community Studies (BHCS)
12. Bachelor of Social Work
13. Criminology
14. Criminology & Socio-Legal Studies
15. International Relations B A
16. Political Science B A
17. Drug and Alcohol Counsellor
18. History
19. Bachelor of Arts (B.A. Honours) – International Studies
20. Culture and Heritage Site Management
21. Public Service (Optional Co-op)
22. Community Mental Health – Multidiscipline
23. Inclusive Resource Practice – Child and Family
24. Graduate Certificate Geographic Information System
25. Personal Support Worker (PSWP)
26. Addictions Counsellor
27. Community and Health Services Navigation
28. MBA in Community Economic Development
29. Honours Bachelor of Early Childhood Leadership
30. Child and Youth Care
31. Disability Support Worker – Certificate
32. General Arts and Science
33. Associate of Arts Psychology
34. Social Service Worker
35. Criminal Justice
36. Forensic Studies
37. Criminology
38. Psychology
39. Applied Social Sciences and Humanities
40. Community and Justice Services
41. Behavioural Sciences
42. Liberal Arts University Transfer
43. University Arts and Sciences – Diploma in Criminology
44. Police Foundations
45. Mental Wellness and Addictions Worker
46. Community and justice services
47. Developmental Services Worker diploma
48. Community and Justice Services
49. General Arts and Science
50. Diploma in Developmental Services Worker (DSWP)
51. Diploma in Social Service Worker – Gerontology
52. Protection, Security & Investigation
53. Community Development Work
54. Human Services Diploma
55. Social Science BA (Hons)
56. MA Gender Studies
57. Bachelor of Arts in Applied Social Studies in Social Care
58. Bachelor Cultural and Social Anthropology
59. Digital Humanities
60. Master of Social Sciences in European Studies
61. Master of Philosophy (MPHIL) IN Management
62. Master’s Programme Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society
63. Master’s Programme (Global) European Studies
64. Master Performing Public Space
65. Bachelor’s programme in Technology, Liberal Arts and Sciences (ATLAS)
66. PG Diploma in Geographic Information Science
67. Postgraduate Diploma in Geospatial Science and Technology
68. Master of Applied Professional Studies (Mentoring and Leadership)
69. Master of Disaster, Risk and Resilience
70. Doctor of Philosophy
71. Postgraduate Diploma in Science and Technology (Earth Science)
72. Postgraduate Diploma in Health Care
73. Postgraduate Diploma in Arts (Social Anthropology)
74. Graduate Certificate in Public Administration and Management
75. Graduate Diploma in Politics
76. Bachelor of Arts (Communication and Sociology)
77. Bachelor of Arts (Sociology)
78. Certificate of Higher Education in Social Sciences
79. MA Adult Learning and Global Change
80. MSSc International and European Relations
81. Master of International Studies (MIST) Degree
82. MA Global Governance and Sustainable Development
83. MA International Relations
84. MA Higher Education
85. Economics & Finance MSc
86. MSc Applied Quantitative Methods
87. MSc Health Economics
88. MA Global Crime and Justice
89. MA Women’s and Gender Studies (GEMMA)
90. MA Criminology
91. MSc Crime and Justice
92. MA Archival Practice
93. Advanced Counselling And Psychotherapy Studies
94. Behavioural Economics and Decision Science MSc
95. War Studies MA
96. Environmental Humanities MA
97. History MA
98. International Social Welfare and Social Policy MSc
99. International Political Economy MA
100. Youth Work and Community Development
101. MSc Applied Psychology
102. Psychology with Clinical Psychology BSc (Hons)
103. Geography BSc (Hons)
104. Geography (Human) BA (Hons)
105. Geography (Physical) BSc (Hons)
106. Global Development and Sustainability BSc (Hons)
107. History BA (Hons
108. History (Heritage and Public History) BA (Hons)
109. Philosophy and Ethics BA (Hons)
110. History with Politics BA (Hons)
111. Religions, Philosophies and Ethics BA (Hons)
112. BA (Hons) Art History and Curating
113. BA (Hons) American History
114. BA (Hons) Ancient and Medieval History
115. BA (Hons) Ancient History
116. Politics Philosophy and Law LLB
117. European Politics

IT & Computing

1. Bachelor of Computer Science
2. Diploma of Computing
3. Diploma of IT
4. Diploma of Information Technology
5. Diploma of Computing and IT
6. Master of Information Technology
7. Master of Information Technology
8. Master of Information Technology (Business Informatics)
9. Master of Information Technology (Computing and Networking)
10. Master of Information Technology (Extended)-Business Informatics
11. Master of Information Technology (Extended)-Business Informatics
12. Master of Information Technology (Extended)-Interactive Technologies and Games
13. Master of Information Technology (Extended)-MBA
14. Master of Information Technology (Interactive Technologies and Game Design)
15. Master of Information Technology-MBA
16. Master of Data Science
17. Master of Applied Artificial Intelligence
18. Master of Information Technology
19. Master of Computer Science (Network and Information Security)
20. Master of Engineering (Computer)
21. Master of Computer Science
22. Master of Information & Communication Technology Advanced
23. Master of Information Technology Studies Advanced
24. Master of Engineering Computer Engineering
25. Masters of Applied Information Technology
26. Master of Data Science
27. Master of Information and Communication Technology
28. Master of Cybersecurity (Computer Science)
29. Master of Computer Science
30. Master of Information Technology
31. Master of Information and Communications Technology (Advanced)
32. Master of Data Science
33. Master of Information and Communications Technology
34. Master of Information Technology (Professional)
35. Master of Information Technology
36. Master of Information Technology (Information Systems and Data Science)
37. Master of Information Technology (Cyber Security)
38. Master of Information Technology (Software Engineering)
39. Masters in IT
40. Graduate Diploma in Computing
41. Bachelor of Information Technology
42. Bachelor of Games Design and Development
43. Bachelor of Computer Science
44. Bachelor of Criminology/Bachelor of Cyber Security
45. Bachelor of Cyber Security
46. Bachelor of Computer Science
47. Bachelor of Computer Science (Software Engineering)
48. Bachelor of Information Technology
49. Bachelor of Computer Science – Bachelor of Science
50. Bachelor of Information Technology
51. Bachelor of Information Technology
52. Master of Cyber Security
53. Bachelor of Information Technology (Network and Cybersecurity Systems)
54. Computer Networking and Technical Support (CNTS)
55. Computer Science-applied computing
56. Bachelor of Science (Honours Computer Science with Software Engineering
57. Web and Interactive Advertising
58. Bachelor of Science (Honours) Game Programming
59. B Sc Computer science
60. Computer Science
61. Computing and Financial Management
62. Bachelor of Applied Computer Science (Mobile Computing)
63. Honours Bachelor of Applied Information Sciences (Information Systems Security)
64. Honours Bachelor of Data Science and Analytics (DSA)
65. Bachelor of Design
66. Information Systems Security
67. Honours Bachelor of Technology – Software Development (Co-op)
68. Information Technology Infrastructure
69. UTP Stage II: Computing Science
70. BSc Computing Science
71. Mobile Application Development (Co-op)
72. Information Security Network Administration
73. Computer Information Systems
74. Bachelor of Information Technology (Computer and Communications Networks),
75. Bachelor of Software Engineering
76. Honours Bachelor of Computer Science (Mobile Computing)
77. Honours Bachelor of Computer Science (Mobile Computing)
78. Masters in Data Science
79. Information system and Operations Management
80. Honours BSc- Computer Science
81. BSc Computer Science
82. Bachelor of Computer Information Systems
83. Computing Systems
84. Computer Science Co-Op/Computing Systems
85. BA Computer science
86. Computing Science Honours
87. Cyber Infrastructure Specialist
88. Data Analytics
89. Post Diploma in Information Technologies
90. Information Systems Business Analysis Program (Postgraduate)
91. Post Graduate Certificate in Computer Animation
92. Cyber Security Post-Graduate Certificate
93. Information Technology Professional
94. Wireless Information Networking
95. Data Analytics (Post-Degree Diploma)
96. Computing and Information Studies
97. Project Management – Information Technology
98. Advanced Lasers
99. Wireless Networking Program (Postgraduate)
100. Computer Science – M Math
101. M.Sc. Computer Science
102. Business Management– Post Degree Diploma, Information Technology
103. Post-Degree Diploma in Information and Communication Technology
104. Computer and Information Systems (Post-Baccalaureate Diploma)
105. Cyber Security
106. Artificial Intelligence and Data Science
107. Mobile Application Development
108. Mobile Application Development – One Year (MAHP)
109. Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality
110. Graduate Certificate – Mobile Applications Design
111. Network Architecture and Security Analytics
112. Cloud Computing
113. Cybersecurity
114. Software Quality Assurance and Test Engineering
115. Enterprise Content Management
116. Computer Applications Development
117. Computer Applications Development (Graduate Certificate) (Co-op)
118. Applied Network Infrastructure and System Administration
119. Information Technology Network Security (Graduate Certificate)
120. Computer Application Security (Graduate Certificate)
121. Business and information systems architecture
122. Technical Systems Analysis
123. Graduate Certificate in Software and Information Systems Testing
124. Project Management – Information Technology (Optional Co-op)
125. Graduate Certificate in Database Application Developer
126. Graduate Certificate in Project Management – Information Technology
127. Strategic Marketing and Marketing Analytics (Optional Co-op)
128. Mobile Application Development
129. Big Data Analytics
130. Digital design-Game design programme
131. Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics Post-Graduate Certificate
132. Graduate certificate in Computer Animation – Digital Character Animation
133. Graduate Certificate in Information Systems Security Computers &
134. Information Technology Solutions
135. User Experience (UX) Design
136. Web Development
137. Information Technology Solutions (Enterprise Development Profile)
138. Wireless Telecommunications
139. Information Technology Solutions (Database Development Profile)
140. Mobile Applications Development
141. Graduate Certificate in Big Data Applied Science
142. Interactive Media Management
143. Graduate Certificate in Internet Programming & Database Management
144. Internet Programming & Database Management (Co-op)
145. Artificial Intelligence Analysis, Design and Implementation (graduate
146. Web Applications for Mobile Computing (Graduate Certificate)
147. Computer Software & Database Development
148. Web Design & Development
149. computer software and database development
150. Information Technology Infrastructure
151. Cyber Security & Computer Forensics
152. Big Data Applied Science & Cyber Security (Dual Program)
153. Web Design and Development
154. Software and Information Systems Testing
155. Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
156. Post Graduate Certificate in Information Technology Professional
157. Post Graduate Certificate in Internet Programming and Database
158. Mobile Application Design and Development
159. Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology & Web design
160. Advanced Cyber & Information Network Security Administration – Dual
161. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
162. Big Data – Science & Informatics
163. Information Systems Security Computers and Networking (ISCN)
164. Artificial Intelligence – Architecture, Design, and Implementation
165. Information Technology Infrastructure
166. Mobile Solutions Development (Graduate Certificate)
167. MSc with Co-op Option
168. Master’s Programs computer science
169. Professional master of science in computer science
170. Master of Science in Computer Science (MSc)
171. Master of Science in Applied Modelling and Quantitative Methods M.Sc.
172. COMP-Computer Engineering Technician
173. Business Information Technology
174. Computer Systems Technician
175. Master of Applied Computing
176. Computer Science Technology – Network and Security Management
177. Office System Technology
178. Computerized Financial Management
179. Computer Science Techniques
180. Web and Mobile Application Development – Interactive Media Diploma
181. Computer Systems Technician
182. Diploma in Information Technology and Management
183. Computer Programmer
184. Diploma Computer Programmer
185. Diploma Computer Systems Technician
186. Mobile Application Design and Development
187. Computer Programming (Co-op and Non-Co-op Version)
188. Internet Applications and Web Development
189. Diploma in Information and Computer Systems
190. Computer Systems Technology – Security (Additional year to the Computer
Systems Technician Program)
191. Internet Applications & Web Development
192. Computer Programmer
193. Game – Programming Program
194. Game Programming
195. Computer Systems Networking Technology
196. Computer Science Technology Software Testing
197. Computer Programmer Analyst
198. Image Computer Programming and Analysis
199. Mobile Applications Development
200. Computer Engineering Technology-optional
201. Computer Programmer/Analyst
202. Game Development
203. Software Engineering Technology – Artificial Intelligence Fast Track
204. Software Engineering Technology- Artificial Intelligence
205. Computer Systems Technology – Networking
206. Software Engineering Technology – Networking
207. Software Engineering Technology
208. Advance Diploma in Internet Applications and Web Development
209. Game Development
210. Game programming
211. Web Design and Interactive Media
212. Computer Programming and Analysis
213. Internet Communications Technology
214. Computer Engineering Technician/Technology
215. Computer Systems Technology – Systems Analyst
216. Computer Systems Technology – Systems Analyst
217. Computer Security and Investigations
218. Computer Systems Technology – Security
219. Internet and Web Technology
220. Information Technology
221. Computer Systems Technician Networking
222. Network Technician
223. Computer Systems Technician-Transfer to unit (Bachelor of Information
Technology (Hons)
224. Diploma in Computer Programmer
225. Contemporary Web Design
226. Diploma in Computer System Technician – Networking
227. Computer Systems Technician – Networking & Cloud Integration
228. Graphic communications
229. Information Technologies Support Services
230. Diploma in Computer Networking and Technical Support
231. Computer Programmer Analyst
232. Diploma in Interactive Web Design and Development
233. Computer and Network Support Technician
234. Computer Systems Technician – Information Technology Infrastructure and
235. Diploma in Mechanical Technician – CNC and Precision Machining
236. Information Technology Support Services
237. Diploma in Internet Application and Web Development
238. Computer Systems Technician – Network and Cloud Technologies
239. M.Sc. Computer Science – Focus on Cyber Security
240. Computer Science – Focus on Cyber Security
241. Computer Science – Focus on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence
242. Big Data and Business Analytics Master of Science
243. Master International Management: IT Management
244. MA IT Management
245. Computer Science MSc
246. MSc IT Security Management
247. MSc Data Analytics and Information Systems Management
248. MSc Data Analytics and Marketing
249. MSC Cyber security and Data Governance
250. BSc Data Science, AI, and Digital Business
251. Bachelor in Digital Business
252. MSc Data Management and Cyber Security
253. Master of Science in Computing
254. Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Multimedia Web Development
255. Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Computing Science
256. BSc (Hons) Computing (Data Analytics and Big Data)
257. Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Information Technology
258. Master of Science (MSc.) in Artificial Intelligence
259. Master of Science (MSc.) in Cybersecurity
260. Master of Science (MSc.) in Financial Analytics
261. Software Technology (Applied)
262. Information and Network Security Meng
263. Science & Engineering: Software Engineering & Entrepreneurship MSc
264. Science & Engineering: Software Engineering MSc
265. Game Design & Development, MSc
266. Game Design & Development, MSc
267. MSc in Applied Digital Media
268. M.Sc. in Computing
269. MSc in Network and Information Security
270. MSc in Big Data Management and Analytics
271. M.Sc. Geography Information Systems & Remote Sensing
272. MSc Data Science and Analytics
273. MSc in Computer Science (Data Analytics)
274. MSc (Information Systems Management)
275. MSc Computer Science – Data Analytics (Full Time – Part Time)
276. MSc (Information Systems Management)
277. MSc (Computer Science—Artificial Intelligence)
278. Higher Diploma in Science in Computing
279. MSc Data analytics
280. Computer Science – Computing Science MSc
281. Data Science and Analytics MSc
282. Information Systems for Business Performance MSc
283. Computer Science – Interactive Media MSc
284. MSc Mathematical Modelling and Self-Learning Systems
285. Cyber risk for business
286. Master of Science Computing (Information Systems Processes (FULL TIME)
287. Master of Science (MSc) in Information Systems with Computing
288. Master of Science (MSc) in Data Analytics
289. Postgraduate Diploma in Cybersecurity
290. MSc in Data Analytics
291. MSc in Data Analytics – full time
292. MSc in Mobile Technologies
293. MSc in Cyber Security
294. MSc in Cloud Computing
295. MSc in Web Technologies
296. Master of Science in Computing (Applied Cyber Security)
297. MSc Social Data Analytics
298. MSc Forensic Computing and Cybercrime Investigation
299. MSc in Computer Science (Negotiated Learning)
300. MSc in Digital Innovation
301. MSc Data & Computational Science
302. MSc Information Systems
303. M.Sc. in Digital Investigation and Forensic Computing
304. MSc Data Analytics
305. MSc Computer Science (Conversion)
306. Master Degree of Engineering Sciences in Telecommunications
307. Business Informatics
308. MSc Business Informatics
309. Master Degree of Engineering Science in Computer Systems
310. Masters in Management of Information Systems
311. Master of Natural Sciences in Computer Science
312. Bachelor of Natural Sciences in Computer Science
313. Bachelors in Telecommunication systems and computer networks
314. Professional Bachelor’s Study Programme “Computer Systems”
315. Bachelor’s degree programme Computer Science
316. BSc (Hons) Computing
317. BSc (Hons) in Information Technology with Specialism in Information
Systems Security
318. BSc (Hons) In Information Technology with Specialism in Network
319. B.Sc. (Hons) In Information Technology with Specialism in Mobile
320. B.Sc. (Hons) In Information Technology with A Specialism in Cloud
321. B.Sc. (Hons) In Information Technology with Specialism in Business
Information Systems
322. B.Sc. (Hons) In Information Technology with Specialism in Internet of Things
323. Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) Intelligent Systems
324. B.Sc. (Hons) Business Information Technology
325. B.Sc. (Hons) Cyber Security
326. B.Eng. (Hons) In Computer Engineering
327. Bachelor of Computer Engineering
328. M.Sc. In Computing (By Research)
329. M.Sc. In software engineering
330. MSc (Information Technology) by Research
331. Diploma in Information Technology
332. Diploma in Information & Communication Technology with A Specialism in
Data Informatics
333. Diploma in Information & Communications Technology with A Specialism in
Interactive Technology
334. Foundation in Business Information Technology
335. Master’s Programme Spatial Engineering
336. Information & Communication Technology
337. Software Engineering and Business Informatics
338. Postgraduate Diploma in Design
339. Graduate Diploma in Business Information Systems
340. Pg. Diploma in Information Technology
341. Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences
342. Bachelors in Computing, Communications and Technology
343. Master of information Technology
344. Electronics as a subject
345. Bachelor of applied Information Technology
346. Bachelor of Information and Communication Technologies
347. Master’s Degree of Business Data Science
348. National Diploma in Computing Level 5 | Detailed Information
349. Diploma in Computer Networking and Security Level 6
350. National Diploma in Computing Level 5
351. New Zealand Diploma in Information Technology Technical Support (Level
352. Computer Network Engineering – Level 5 & 6
353. Diploma in Computer Network Engineering Level 7
354. IT Technical Support
355. Diploma in Information Technology (Level 6)
356. Diploma in Information Systems (Dip IS)
357. Diploma in Information Systems (Dip IS)
358. Diploma in Software Development (Level 6)
359. Diploma in Information Technology
360. Diploma in Networking
361. Diploma in Information and Communications Technology (Applied)
362. Diploma in Computing, Communications and Technology
363. Diploma in Applied Technology – Computing Strand
364. Diploma in Information and Communications Technology
365. Diploma in Information Technology Support
366. Diploma in Advanced Network Engineering
367. Diploma in Computing (with Specialisation) Level 7
368. Bachelor of Information Technology
369. Diploma in Computer Integrated Manufacture
370. Diploma in Information and Communications Technology
371. Graduate Diploma in Information and Communication Technology
372. Master of Information Technology
373. Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Informatics
374. Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Information Technology
375. Postgraduate Diploma in Business Information Systems
376. Post graduate diploma in Information and Technology
377. Postgraduate Diploma in Information Systems and Technology
378. Postgraduate Diploma in Applied data science
379. Postgraduate Diploma in Management- Major in Information Technology
380. Post graduate diploma in computer & information science
381. PG Diploma in Computing
382. Master of Computing
383. Master of Information Security and Digital Forensics
384. Master of Computer and Information Sciences
385. Master of Forensic Information Technology
386. Master of Health Informatics
387. Master of Analytics
388. Graduate Diploma in Software and Web Development
389. Bachelor of Digital Technologies
390. Postgraduate Diploma in Information Sciences (PGDipInfSc)-MajorComputer science
391. Master’s Degree of Applied Data Science
392. Graduate Diploma in IT
393. Graduate Diploma in Software Development
394. Graduate Diploma of Cyber Security
395. Graduate Diploma of Networking & Technical Support
396. Graduate Diploma in ICT (Computer Networks)
397. Graduate Diploma in ICT (Software Development)
398. Graduate diploma in Web design and Development
399. Graduate Diploma in Computer and Information Science
400. Graduate Diploma in Computer Aided Design
401. Graduate Diploma of Web Design and Development
402. Graduate Diploma of Applied Information Technology
403. Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Information Systems and Software
404. Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Computer Science and Information Systems
405. Graduate Diploma in Data Science
406. Graduate Diploma in Digital Innovation
407. Graduate Diploma in E-Business and Social Media
408. Master of Analytics
409. Master of Cyber Security
410. Master in Business Information Technology
411. Certificate in Info COMM Technology
412. Diploma in Computer Forensics
413. International Advanced Diploma in Network and Computer Security
414. International Advanced Diploma in Computing
415. Diploma in Info COMM Technology
416. Higher Diploma in Information Technology
417. Diploma in Web Technologies
418. Diploma in Network Defence and Forensic Countermeasures
419. International Diploma in Information Technology and Communication
420. Master of Science in Cyber Security and Management
421. Bachelor of Computer Science (Digital Systems Security)
422. Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Computing and Information Systems
423. Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Data Science and Business Analytics
424. Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Management and Digital Innovation
425. Bachelor of Computer Science (Big Data)
426. Bachelor of Business Information Systems
427. Bachelor of Computer Science (Cyber Security)
428. Bachelor of Science (Hons) Information Technology
429. BSc (Hons) Software Engineering
430. Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Computer Science and Software Engineering
431. Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Network Computing
432. Bachelor of Science with Honours in Ethical Hacking and Cybersecurity
433. Bachelor of Science with Honours in Computer Science
434. Bachelor of Information Technology
435. Bachelor of Arts in Web Communication
436. Bachelor of Arts in Web Communication and Communication and Media
437. Bachelor of Arts in Web Communication and Management
438. Bachelor of Arts in Web Communication and Marketing
439. Bachelor of Arts in Web Communication and Public Relation
440. Bachelor of Science in Game Software Design and Production and Computer
441. Bachelor of Science in Games Software Design and Production
442. Bachelor of Science in Games Software Design and Production and Business
Information Systems
443. Bachelor of Science in Games Software Design and Production and Cyber
Security and Forensics
444. Bachelor of Science in Games Software Design and Production and
445. Bachelor of Science in Games Software Design and Production and Mobile
and Web Application Development
446. Bachelor of Science in Games Software Design and Production and Web
447. Bachelor of Science in Games Software Design and Production and Web
448. Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security and Forensics
449. Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security and Forensics and Banking
450. Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security and Forensics and Business
Information Systems
451. Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security and Forensics and Computer Science
452. Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security and Forensics and Criminology
453. Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security and Forensics and Finance
454. Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security and Forensics and Management
455. Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security and Forensics and Web
456. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
457. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Business Information Systems
458. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Management
459. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Web Communication
460. Bachelor of Science in Business Information Systems and Computer Science
461. Bachelor of Science in Business Information Systems and Web
462. Master’s Programme in Informatics
463. MSc Computational Social Science
464. Master’s Programme in Computer Science
465. Software Engineering and Technology
466. Computer Systems and Networks
467. Computer Science – algorithms, languages and logic
468. Interaction Design and Technologies
469. Bioinformatics – Master’s Programme
470. M.Sc. Information Science
471. MSc Network Management and Cloud Computing
472. Bachelor of Computer Science in Digital Systems Security Degree
473. Bachelor of Computer Science in Multimedia and Game Development
474. Bachelor of Science Computing (Information Technology)
475. Bachelor of Science Computing (Cyber Security)
476. Computer Science BSc with Integrated Foundation Course
477. B.Sc. Information Systems & Management
478. BEng Honours Computer Communications and Networks
479. computer science BSC(Hons)
480. Computing Science – BSc (Hons)
481. Computer Science (Software Systems Development) – BSc (Hons)
482. Data Science – MSc483. Computer Animation and Visual Effects B.Sc. (Hons)
484. Computer Games Technology BSc (Hons)
485. Data Science and Analytics BSc (Hons)
486. Cyber Security and Forensic Computing BSc (Hons)
487. BSc (Hons) AI and Data Science
488. BSc (Hons) Computer Science
489. BEng (Hons) Cybersecurity & Forensics
490. BSc (Hons)Computer Animation Arts
491. BSc (Hons) / MComp Computer Science (Integrated)
492. Cybersecurity BSc (Hons)
493. Computer Animation and Visual Effects BSc (Hons)
494. Applied Computing and Information Technology
495. Applied Computing and Information Technology with Project Management
496. Computer Networking with Project Management MSc
497. Computing and Mathematics BSc (Hons)
498. Computer Systems Engineering BEng
499. Artificial Intelligence and Robotics BSc (Hons)
500. Cybersecurity B.Sc. (Hons)
501. BSc (Hons) Computer Networking
502. BSc (Hons) Computer Security and Forensics
503. BSc (Hons) Computer Games Development
504. Computer Games Development BSc (Hons)
505. Artificial Intelligence and Robotics with Professional Practice Year – BSc
506. BSc (Hons) Computing for Business
507. BSc (Hons) Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
508. BSc (Hons) Cyber Security Networks
509. BSc (Hons) Computer Science (with Foundation year)
510. Creative Computing BSc (Hons)
511. Creative Computing (Animation) BSc (Hons)
512. Creative Computing (Gaming) BSc (Hons)
513. Creative Computing (Web Technologies) BSc (Hons)
514. Artificial Intelligence BSc (Hons)
515. Computer Networks B.Sc. (Hons)
516. Cyber Security BSc (Hons)
517. BA (Hons) Game Art
518. Computer Science BEng (Hons)
519. Computer science BSC (Hons)
520. Applied computer science BSC (hons)
521. Computer Gaming Technology BSc
522. Computer Science BSc
523. Computer Science with Intelligent Systems BSc
524. Computer Science with a year in industry BSc (single honors)
525. Computer Science with Management & a year in industry BSc
526. Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) BSc
527. Computer Science with a year in industry BSc
528. BSc (Hons) Computer Systems Management
529. BSc (Hons) Information Technology
530. Computer Systems and Networks BEng (Hons)
531. Information Technology Management for Business (ITMB) BSc (Hons)
532. BSc (Hons) Computer Technology and Networks
533. Cyber Security and Digital Forensics BSc
534. Information Technology and Business Information Systems Degree
535. BEng Honours Computer Communication and Networks
536. Digital media BA honors
537. Business Information Systems BSc Honours
538. Information Technology Management (Internship) Master’s Degree –
539. BSc (Hons) Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence)
540. software engineering B.Sc. (Hons)
541. Game Art BA (Hons)
542. Computing HND
543. MComp Computer Science for Games
544. Computer Forensics BSc
545. MSc Advanced Security & Digital Forensics
546. MSc Computing
547. MSc Cyber Security
548. MSc Data Analytics
549. MSc Data Science
550. MSc Advanced Computer Science
551. Professional Software Development MSc
552. Business Intelligence and Analytics MSc
553. Data Science – MSc
554. MSc/PgDip in Advanced Computer Science
555. Information Systems MSc
556. Cyber Security MSc Extended Masters
557. Software Engineering MSc (Extended masters with internship)
558. Cyber Security Extended Masters with internship M.Sc.
559. MSC Games Software Development
560. Games Software Development
561. Cyber Defence and Information Assurance MSc
562. Cyber-Secure Manufacturing MSc
563. MSc Artificial Intelligence and Robotics with Placement Year
564. Manufacturing Management MSc
565. Intelligent Systems and Robotics MSc
566. Data Science (Internship) Master’s Degree
567. Telecommunications Management MSc
568. Software Engineering and Applications MSc
569. MSc Mobile and Satellite Communications
570. Computer Science with Project Management MSc
571. M.Sc. Sensors and Smart Cities with project management
572. software engineering and applications with project management MSC
573. MSc Artificial Intelligence
574. MSc Electronics & Information Technology
575. (MSc) Computer Networking
576. MSc Computer Security and Forensics
577. BSc (Hons) Computer Science with Web Development
578. Cybersecurity MBA
579. Business and Cybersecurity, BA (Hons)
580. Network Management and Cloud Computing MSc
581. Telecommunications Engineering MSc
582. Electronic Security and Digital Forensics MSc
583. Creative Technology MA/MSc
584. Cyber Security and Pen Testing MSc
585. Intelligent Systems and Machine Learning MSc
586. Computer Network Administration and Management MSc
587. MSc Human-Centred Interactive Technologies
588. M.Sc. Embedded wireless systems
589. MSc Mobile Web Development
590. M.Sc. Advanced Computer Systems Development
591. MSc Advanced Computing
592. Internet and Database Systems MSc
593. MSc Telecommunications and Computer Networks Engineering
594. MA Computer Animation and Visual Effects
595. IT Project Management MSc
596. MSc Crime Intelligence and Data Analytics (with Advanced Practice)
597. M.Sc. Cybersecurity
598. MSc Digital Forensics and Cyber Investigation (with Advanced Practice)
599. Games Design MA
600. MSc data science and Business analytics
601. Databases and Web-based Systems MSc/PgDip
602. Cyber Security, Threat, Intelligence and Forensic
603. Managing Innovation and Information Technology

Language / Linguistics

1. Academic English For Tertiary Studies
2. Communicating in English: Beginner to Advanced (3 weeks)
3. English Language Program
4. English for Tertiary Studies
5. English for Further Studies
6. Master of Arts (Writing and Literature)
7. Master of Education Advanced
8. Academic English
9. English Literature & Creative Writing
10. English Bachelor of Arts
11. Professional Communication (Post-Degree Diploma)
12. Teaching English as a Second Language
13. Graduate certificate-Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and
Intercultural Competence
14. Teaching English as a Second Language
15. Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
16. Public Relations
17. Professional Writing and Communications
18. PhD in English Studies
19. C1 level German Language Course
20. B2 level German Language Course
21. German Foundation degree
22. ISL- Foundation Year with T, M and W
23. Foundation in English
24. New Zealand Certificate in English Language (General/Academic) (Level 4)
25. Master of Strategic Communication
26. MA Applied Linguistics
27. Certificate in English (for Secondary / Post-Secondary Education)
28. Certificate in English (for Secondary / Post-Secondary Education) English Language
Pathways Semester
29. Pathway Programme + BI Norwegian Business School
30. English Enhancement Programme (EEP)
31. International Foundation Programme
32. BA (Hons)-English Literature
33. English BA
34. Public Relations and Corporate Communications MA
35. English Literary Studies, ISS or MLitt
36. Crime and Gothic Fictions MA
37. Composition MA/MRes
38. Children’s Publishing MA
39. Writing for Young People MA
40. Travel and Nature Writing MA
41. English Literature MA
42. Applied Linguistics and TESOL MA
43. International Relations MA
44. English Language and Linguistics – PgDip/MSc
45. MA Psycholinguistics
46. MA Scriptwriting
47. Comparative Literature MA
48. Shakespeare Studies MA
49. MA International Relations
50. English: Contemporary Literatures
51. Literature and Civilization (B.A.)
52. Bachelor of Science in Education & Human Sciences


1. Master of Laws (International Law and International Relations)
2. Bachelor of Criminology
3. Paralegal (graduate certificate)
4. Criminology (BA)
5. Associate of Arts
6. Social Justice and Peace Studies
7. Juris Doctor (Law)
8. Law clerk
9. Protection, Security and Investigation
10. Diploma in Criminology
11. Office Administration – Legal
12. Police Foundations
13. Community and Justice Services
14. Diploma in Law and Security Administration (LAWD)
15. Master in Business Law in a Global Context
16. Graduate Certificate in Advanced Law Enforcement and Investigations
17. Victimology
18. Alternative Dispute Resolution
19. Crime Analytics
20. International and Comparative Business Law Master of Laws
21. Criminology and Sociology BA (Hons)
22. Law and Business BCL (Hons)
23. Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences: Law, International Commercial Law LLM
24. Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences: Law, Human Rights in Criminal Justice LLM/MA
25. Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences: Law (General) LLM
26. LLM (Global Legal Studies)
27. LLM (Peace Operations, Humanitarian Law and Conflict)
28. LLM (International Human Rights)
29. Law – LLM (International Human Rights Law and Public Policy)
30. Print Law – LLM (Marine and Maritime Law) LLM
31. Law – LLM (Environmental and Natural Resources Law)
32. Law – LLM (Intellectual Property and E-Law)
33. MSc Criminology & Criminal Justice
34. LLM Law
35. LLM Intellectual Property & Information Technology
36. M.Sc. in International Law and Business
37. Bachelor of Laws
38. Master of Laws
39. Master of Laws (International Law and Politics)
40. Diploma in Business & Law
41. Diploma in Legal Studies
42. LLM in International Law
43. LLM in International Business Law
44. LLM Employment Law
45. LLM in International Commercial Law
46. Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Law (Honours)
47. LLB Honours Law
48. LLB Honours Law with International Relations
49. Law with Management LLB
50. Law (Media and Digital Industries)
51. BA (Hons) Business Management with Law
52. International Commercial and Dispute Resolution Law (LLM)
53. MSc Working with Adult and Young Offenders
54. LLM Intellectual Property Law
55. Bachelor of Laws LLB (Hons) Government and Politics
56. BA (Hons) Politics and International Relations
57. Politics, Philosophy & Law LLB
58. Law with North American Legal Studies LLB
59. Law with Transnational Legal Studies LLB
60. LLB (Hons) Law and Criminology
61. Law and Legal Tech LLM
62. MA Applied Criminology
63. LLM International Human Rights Law and Practice
64. Business Law and Sustainable Development with Dissertation
65. LLM International Criminal Law and Procedure
66. LLM in Oil and Gas Law
67. Human Rights, LLM
68. Forensic Investigation MSc
69. LLM IT Law and Policy
70. Legal Practice Course (LPC)
71. International Dispute Resolution LLM

Mass Communication & Media

1. Master of Communication
2. Master of Digital Media
3. Bachelor of Communication (Digital Media)
4. Bachelor of Journalism
5. Media Studies
6. Creative Writing – Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction, Poetry
7. Journalism – New Media
8. Honours Bachelor of Photography
9. Bachelor of Public Relations
10. Bachelor of Public Relations Management
11. Bachelors of Film and Media Production.
12. Sports Journalism
13. Public Relations (Bachelor of) (Co-op)
14. Advanced Television and Film – Script to Screen
15. Media Convergence
16. Interactive Media Management – Interaction Design
17. Broadcasting Performance and Digital Media
18. Public Relations (compressed)
19. Public Relations – Corporate Communications
20. Advanced Communication for Professionals
21. Public Relations
22. Graduate Certificate in Corporate Communication and Public Relations
23. Social Media Analytics
24. Public Relations – Investor Relations
25. Public Relations – Corporate Communications
26. Interactive Media Management Program (Postgraduate)
27. Radio and Media Production
28. Journalism (Graduate Certificate)
29. Film and Multiplatform Storytelling
30. Content Strategy
31. Communications – Professional Writing
32. Post-Production
33. Advertising – Creative & Digital Strategy
34. Graduate Certificate in Corporate Communications and Public Relations
35. PG Certificate in Event Management
36. Public Relations and Event Management
37. Media Strategies and Advertising
38. UTP Stage II: Communication, Art and Technology
39. Digital Film Production
40. Advertising and Marketing Communications
41. Interactive Media Design – Web
42. Creative Advertising
43. Interactive Media Design
44. Journalism (Joint Seneca/York)
45. Photography
46. Media Fundamentals
47. Broadcasting-Television
48. Journalism – Broadcast
49. Video Production (diploma)
50. Advertising and Marketing Communications
51. Broadcasting – Radio and Contemporary Media
52. Advertising and Marketing Communications
53. Digital Photography
54. Diploma in Photography
55. Broadcasting – Television and Film Production
56. Interactive Media Development
57. Interactive Media Development – 3D Visualization
58. Animation – Digital Production
59. Advertising & Marketing Communications
60. 3D Modelling and Visual Effects Production
61. Broadcasting – Television
62. Broadcasting – Radio
63. Broadcasting – Television and Independent Production
64. Advertising Marketing Communications
65. Broadcasting – Television & Video Production
66. Photojournalism
67. Writing for Film, Television + Games
68. Media and Communication Management Master (M.A.)
69. Media Spaces Master of Arts
70. Film Directing Bachelor (B.A.)
71. Media and Communication Management (B.A.)
72. Media and Communication Design (B.A.)
73. Bachelor of Honours in Media and Communication Management
74. Bachelor of Honours in Media and Communication Design
75. BA Film and Media Studies
76. BA (Hons) in Marketing & Digital Media
77. BA in Journalism & Media – Full-time
78. Bachelor of Arts in Creative Digital Media
79. MA/Postgraduate Diploma (Digital Media)
80. Masters in Digital Media
81. MA in Journalism & Media Communications
82. MA in Journalism and Public Relations
83. Master of Audio and Visual Media Arts
84. Diploma in Mass Communication
85. Bachelor of Mass Communication
86. BSC (Hons) in Multimedia Technology
87. Master International Communication
88. Master’s Programme Communication Studies
89. Diploma in Integrated Marketing Communications
90. Diploma in Video and Electronic Media
91. Master of Creative Writing
92. Master of Creative Technologies
93. Master of Performance and Media Arts
94. Graduate Diploma (Dip Grad) endorsed in Communication Studies
95. Graduate Diploma in Communication (Professional Writing, Public Relations /
Advertising) (Level 7)
96. Bachelor of Creative Technologies
97. Public Relations pathway – Postgraduate Diploma in Communication Studies
98. Post Graduate Diploma in Communication Studies
99. Graduate Diploma in Creative Technologies (Level 7)
100. Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Media, Culture and Communication
101. Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Media and Digital Practice (Top-Up)
102. Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Public Relations (Double Major)
103. Bachelor of Business in Management and Communication and Media
Studies (Double Major)
104. Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Studies (Single Major)
105. Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Studies and Journalism
(Double Major)
106. Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Communication and Media Studies
(Double Major)
107. Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Studies and Marketing
(Double Major)
108. Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Studies and Public Relations
(Double Major)
109. Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Studies and Web
Communications (Double Major)
110. Bachelor of Arts in Journalism (Single Major)
111. Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Management (Double Major)
112. Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Marketing (Double Major)
113. Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Web Communication (Double Major)
114. Bachelor of Arts in Tourism and Events and Communication and Media
Studies (Double Major)
115. Bachelor of Arts (in Liberal Studies with concentration in Mass
116. Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Broadcast Media Production
117. Bachelor of Communication (Professional Communication)
118. International Foundation Diploma in Science, Technology, Engineering,
Mathematics and Art – Media & Communications
119. Higher Diploma in Mass Communications
120. Certificate in Media and Communications
121. Sustainable Communication
122. MA Media and Communication
123. Creative Media Prep Program
124. Post Graduate Diploma in Corporate Communication
125. Bachelor of Arts Mass Communication (Web media and Marketing)
126. Bachelor of Arts (Film and Television Production)
127. Bachelor of Arts (Journalism and Mass Communication)
128. Bachelor of Audio
129. BA Honours Advertising, PR and Branding
130. BA Honours Film
131. Bachelor of Arts in Communication – Advertisement
132. BA (Hons) Advertising and Brand Management
133. English and Film BA (Hons)
134. BA (Hons) Filmmaking
135. Filmmaking
136. Creative Media BA (Hons)
137. Journalism and Publishing BA (Hons)
138. BSc (Hons) Live Sound and Lighting Technology
139. BA (Hons) English Language and Journalism
140. MA Media
141. Intercultural Communication MA
142. Sc Creative Advertising Strategy
143. Visual Communication MA
144. Animation MA
145. Digital Asset & Media Management MA
146. Social Media and Management
147. MSc Social Media and Management
148. MSc Digital and Social Media Marketing
149. MA: Journalism: News/Broadcast/Sport.
150. Media Production: TV Drama Production
151. Digital Media and Communications with Advanced Practice
152. MA Digital Video Production and Marketing
153. International Journalism for Digital Media
154. Media Psychology MSc/PgDip/PgCert
155. International and Online Journalism MA
156. BA (Hons) Digital Film and Video
157. Visual Effects BA (Hons)
158. Film Production
159. BA (Hons) Film Production
160. BA (Hons) Broadcast Media Production
161. BA (Hons) Media Production
162. MA Digital Media Management
163. MA Sports Journalism
164. MA Advertising, Branding and Communication
165. Emerging Media Arts
166. Film, Television and Video Production (BA)

Performing Arts


1. Master of Science (Computer Science)
2. Master of Science (Chemistry)
3. Master of Science (Biological Sciences)
4. Master of Science (Medical Science)
5. Master of Environmental Science
6. Master of Science (Food Science)
7. masters of biotechnology
8. Master of Science -Chemistry
9. Master of Science (Water Resources Management)
10. Master of Environmental Management
11. Master of Nutrition and Dietetics
12. Nanotechnology
13. Master of Biotechnology Studies
14. Master of Occupational Therapy Practice
15. Master of Nanotechnology
16. Master of Biotechnology & Bioinformatics
17. Master of Science
18. Master of Chemical Sciences
19. Master of Biotechnology Management
20. Master by Research
21. Masters – Environmental Management
22. Master of Data Science
23. Master of Development Practice
24. Master of Science (Aquaculture science and technology)
25. Master of Science (Environmental Earth Science)
26. Master of Science (Environmental Marine Science)
27. Masters in Minerals Geoscience
28. Master of Science (Marine Biology and Ecology)
29. Master of Science (Natural Resource Management)
30. Master of Science (Protected Area Management)
31. Master of Science (Tropical Ecology and Conservation)
32. Master of Science (Fisheries Biology and Management)
33. Master of Nursing International
34. International Master of Science
35. Master of Science (Medical Radiation Physics)
36. Master of Research – Faculty of Science Medicine and Health
37. Master of Science
38. Master of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics
39. Master of Science (Biology and Chemical Sciences
40. Master of Global Science and Management
41. Master of Medicinal Chemistry
42. Master of Science (Research)
43. Master of Applied Science
44. Bachelor of Environmental Science (BES)
45. Bachelor of Pre-Medicine, Science and Health
46. Bachelor of Biomedical Science
47. Bachelor of Mathematics (Mathematics)
48. Bachelor of Medical and Radiation Physics
49. Bachelor of Science (Physics)
50. Bachelor of Medical and Radiation Physics Advanced (Honours)
51. Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) – Bachelor of Science (Physics)
52. Bachelor of Applied Science and Master of Orthoptics
53. Bachelor of Science (Cyber Security)
54. Bachelor of nursing
55. Master of Science by research (SMSR)
56. Biotechnology
57. Bachelor of Nursing Direct Entry English Program
58. Post-Degree Diploma in Fisheries and Aquaculture
59. B.Sc. (Honours) Biology
60. Biology B.Sc.
61. Forensic Biology
62. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
63. Biomedical Science B.Sc.
64. Bioinformatics
65. Bachelor of Arts and Science in Environment
66. Bachelor of Science Chemistry- Honours
67. B.Sc. Honours Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
68. B.Sc. Honours Biological Sciences
69. Bachelor of Forensic Science
70. B.Sc. Nursing
71. Chemistry
72. Mathematics
73. Physics
74. Cannabis Applied Science
75. Bachelor of Science Major in Biological Sciences
76. Applied Life Sciences
77. HBSc (Biology) with Concentration in Neuroscience
78. Forestry
79. Biotechnology
80. BSc (Earth Science Major)
81. Physics
82. Bachelor of Science, Honours (Chemistry Major)
83. Biology
84. Bachelor of Science – General science
85. Honours Bachelor of Science – Applied Life Sciences
86. BSC (Psychology Major)
87. Bachelor of Chemistry
88. Environmental Management and Assessment
89. Biology (Associate of Science degree))
90. General Associate of Science Degree
91. Ecology and Environmental Biology Major, Bachelor of Science
92. Associate of Science
93. Psychology
94. Mathematics (BSc)
95. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Environmental Biology
96. Physics and Astronomy
97. Honours Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Physics and Astronomy
98. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Anatomy and Cell Biology
99. Nutrition and Food Service Management
100. Honours Bachelor of Technology – Software Development
101. Bachelor of Applied Technology – Biotechnology
102. Honours Bachelor of Applied Technology – Biotechnology
103. Regulatory Affairs – Sciences
104. Environmental Science
105. Food and Nutrition Management
106. Post Graduate Certificate in Game Development – Advanced Programming
107. Environmental Control
108. Bachelor of Science and Aviation
109. Bachelor of Science
110. Psychology (Bachelor of Science)
111. B.Sc. Physics
112. Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Science) Four-year – Biochemistry,
Microbiology and Immunology
113. Health, Safety and Environmental Compliance
114. Masters of Environmental Science
115. Geology
116. MSc Chemistry
117. Master of Science (M.Sc.)
118. Master of Science (M.Sc.)
119. M.Sc. Biology
120. Environmental Management and Assessment
121. Biochemistry, Ph.D.
122. M.Sc. Pharmacy
123. Master of Science Food Science
124. Biochemistry. M.Sc.
125. Biochemistry, Ph.D.
126. Microbiology & Immunology
127. Vaccinology & Immunotherapeutic
128. Regulatory Affairs (Graduate Certificate)
129. Regulatory Affairs (Graduate Certificate)
130. P.G.D Food Science
131. Post-Degree Diploma in Fisheries and Aquaculture
132. Geographic Information Systems – Applications Specialist
133. Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Mathematics and Economics
134. Graduate Certificate in Advanced Water Systems Operation and
Management CO-OP
135. Geographic Information Systems – Cartographic Specialist Curriculum
136. Environmental Visual Communication
137. Regulatory Affairs – Sciences (Co-op)
138. Regulatory Affairs – Sciences
139. Green Management (Graduate Certificate)
140. Ecosystem Restoration
141. Chemical Laboratory Analysis
142. Food Safety & Quality Assurance Management
143. Cosmetic Science
144. Post Graduate Certificate in Interactive Media Management
145. Regulatory Affairs
146. Forensic Identification
147. Research Analyst
148. Regulatory Affairs.
149. Research and Evaluation (Co-op) Fanshawe
150. Clinical Research Co-op
151. Geographic Information Systems – Geospatial Management
152. Master of Medical Biotechnology
153. Master of Geographic Information Systems Applications
154. MSc Physics Co-operative Program Option
155. PhD Chemistry
156. Geomatics and Surveying Engineering Technology
157. Massage Therapy
158. Environmental Technician-Field and Laboratory (Co-op)
159. Renewable Energies Technician
160. Greenhouse Technician (Co-op)
161. Protection, Security and Investigation
162. Diploma in Computing Science
163. Criminology
164. Science (General)
165. Bioinformatics
166. Kinesiology Food, Nutrition, and Health Transfer
167. Applied environmental science diploma
168. Environmental Technician – Water and Wastewater Systems Operations
169. Wood working technician
170. Biotechnology Technician Fast Track
171. Biotechnology Technologist
172. Advance Diploma Biotechnology Advanced
173. Environmental Technology
174. Ecosystem Management Technology
175. Biotechnology – Advanced
176. Pharmaceutical and Food Science Technology (CHLT)
177. Chemical Laboratory Technology – Pharmaceutical and Food Science
178. Food Science Technology (Co-op)
179. Advance Diploma Food Science Technology
180. Food Science Technology (Fast Track) (Optional Co-Op)
181. Biotechnology – Advanced (Fast Track/Co-op)
182. Food Science Technology (Fast Track, Co-op)
183. Biotechnology – Advanced (Optional Co-Op)
184. Biomedical Engineering Technology
185. Biotechnology – Advanced (Fast Track)
186. Environmental Technology (Fast-Track)
187. Biotechnology – Advanced (Optional Co-op) (formerly Biotechnology
Technologist – Research)
188. Chemical Engineering Technology
189. Environmental Technology
190. Chemical Engineering Technology
191. Biotechnology – Advanced
192. Advance Diploma in Biomedical Engineering Technology (Compressed, Fast
193. Manufacturing Engineering Technology (Co-op)
194. Chemical Laboratory Technology – Science Laboratory
195. Pre-Health Sciences Pathway to Advanced Diplomas and Degrees
196. Geographic Information Science for Resource Management
197. Technology Foundations
198. General Arts and Science – General Certificate General Arts and Science –
General Certificate
199. Diploma in Recreation and Leisure Services
200. Environmental Technician (Fast-Track)
201. Chemical Laboratory Technology – Pharmaceutical and Food Science
202. Practical Nursing – Flex Program
203. Paramedic
204. GIS and Urban Planning
205. Biotechnology
206. Diploma in Environmental Reclamation Technician
207. Electromechanical Engineering Technician – Mechatronics
208. Diploma in Opticianry (Co-op)
209. Computer Programming (CPP)
210. Integrated Resource Management Diploma
211. Bioscience Technology Diploma
212. Bioscience Technology
213. Environmental Technician
214. Chemical Laboratory Technician
215. Diploma Water Quality Technician
216. Diploma in Chemical Laboratory Technician
217. Fashion Marketing and Management
218. Medical Radiation Technology
219. Photonics Engineering Technician
220. Forestry Technician (Optional Co-op)
221. Ecosystem Management Technician
222. Associate of Science Degree
223. Practical Nursing
224. Diploma in Environmental Studies
225. General Arts & Science Diploma
226. Mechanical Technician
227. Motive Power Technician
228. Diploma in Occupational Therapist Assistant and Physiotherapist Assistant
229. Water and Wastewater Technology
230. Environmental Technician (Optional Co-op)
231. Environmental Technician
232. Biology
233. Associate of Science
234. Resources Drilling Technician (Optional Co-op)
235. Environmental Technician (Co-op Option)
236. Pre-Health Sciences Pathway to Advanced Diplomas and Degrees
237. Food and Nutrition Management
238. Associate of Science Degree in General Science
239. Diploma in Environmental Protection Technology
240. Arts and Science Studies
241. Diploma in Practical Nursing
242. Science Laboratory Technology
243. Environmental Technician – Protection & Compliance
244. Biotechnology – Remote & Rural Public Health
245. behavioural science technician
246. Behavioural Science – Technician
247. Biotechnology – Technician
248. Environmental Protection Technology Diploma
249. Criminology: Diploma
250. Developmental Services Worker (DSWP/DSWA)
251. Electrical Engineering Technician-Industrial
252. Master of Science in International Luxury Management
253. MBA in International Business
254. Chemistry (MSc)
255. Masters in Chemistry
256. Physics (M Sc)
257. MSc IT – Enabled Innovation
258. Meng SC Chemical Engineering
259. M.Sc. Environmental Science
260. MSc Physics
261. MSc Synthetic Chemistry for the Pharmaceutical & Fine Chemicals Industry
262. M.Sc. Nanotechnology
263. MA Mathematics
264. MSc Cognitive Science
265. M.Sc. Medical Physics
266. MSc (Agr) Environmental Resource Management
267. MSc Applied Mathematics & Theoretical Physics
268. MSc Computational Physics
269. MSc Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics
270. MSc Clinical & Diagnostic Biochemistry
271. MRes (Master of Research) in Biochemistry and Cell Biology
272. Biotechnology MSc
273. Pharmaceutical technology and quality systems
274. MSc Chemistry – Analysis of Pharmaceutical Compounds
275. Food Science MSc
276. Master of Sciences (Cellular Manufacturing and Therapy)
277. M.Sc. Biochemistry
278. (MSc) Exercise Physiology and its Application in Therapy
279. MSc (Biomedical Genomics)
280. MSC (Regenerative Medicine)
281. Masters in Mathematics
282. Zoology BSc (Hons)
283. Biochemistry BSc (Hons)
284. BSc in Molecular Biology with Biopharmaceutical Science
285. BSc in Bioscience
286. Bachelor of Science (Hons)Biomedical Science
287. Bachelor of Nursing (International)
288. Bachelors in Chemical technology
289. Chemical Technology
290. Master of Engineering Sciences in Electronics
291. Environmental Science
292. Applied Biotechnology
293. Environmental Science and Ecology
294. Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
295. Bachelor of Science (Honours) In Actuarial Studies
296. Foundation in Science
297. Bachelor Applied Mathematics
298. Life Sciences
299. Chemistry
300. Data Science for Life Sciences
301. Master’s Programme in Nanotechnology
302. Master’s programme in Applied Mathematics
303. Master’s programme in Applied Physics
304. M.Sc. Geographical Information Management and Applications
305. Master’s graduate in Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation
306. Master’s Programme in Applied Physics
307. Master of Marine Conservation
308. Master of Conservation Biology
309. Master of Arts 120 points in Criminology
310. Master of Science by thesis – MSc
311. Postgraduate Diploma in Science in Electronic and Computer Systems
312. Postgraduate Diploma in Biomedical Science
313. Postgraduate Diploma in Science
314. Master of Applied Science
315. Postgraduate Diploma in Informatics
316. Master of Science – Toxicology
317. Master of Science – Microbiology
318. Master of Science – Geographic Information Systems
319. Master of Science – Energy Science and Technology
320. Master of Science – Zoology
321. Master of Science – Geophysics
322. Master of Science (MSc)
323. Master of Science (MSc) in Genetics
324. MSc Biochemistry
325. Master of Wildlife Management
326. Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Science
327. Master of Science by coursework and thesis
328. Diploma in Applied Technology – Manufacturing Strand
329. Diploma in Forest Management (Level 6)
330. Diploma in Systems Administration (Level 6)
331. Diploma in Conservation and Environmental Management
332. Diploma in Technology (Science) (Level 6)
333. PhD in Chemistry
334. Diploma in Aquaculture (Fish Farming and Fishery Management)
335. P.G Diploma in Applied Science – Food Science
336. Master of Science (Conservation Biology)
337. Master of Environmental Management
338. Master of Food Technology
339. Postgraduate Diploma in Science (Agricultural Science)
340. Master of Science (Genetics)
341. Master of Science (Biochemistry)
342. Master of Science (Nanoscience)
343. Master of Science (Animal Science)
344. Master of Science (Microbiology)
345. Master of Science (Agricultural Science)
346. Master of Emergency Management
347. Master of Science (Genetics)
348. Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Professional Studies
349. Master of Applied Professional Studies – Infection Prevention & Control
350. Master of Applied Practice (Clinical Research)
351. Postgraduate Diploma in Science (Psychology)
352. Master of Speech and Language Pathology
353. Master of Urban Resilience and Renewal
354. Graduate Diploma in Oenology
355. Graduate Diploma in Viticulture
356. Graduate Diploma in Science
357. Post Graduate Diploma in Science
358. Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Practice
359. Post-Graduation Diploma in Science (Micro Biology)
360. Postgraduate Diploma in Science and Technology (Agricultural Science)
361. Postgraduate Diploma in Science and Technology (Conservation Biology)
362. Post Graduate Diploma in Science and Technology (Biological Sciences)
363. Postgraduate Diploma in Science and Technology (Microbiology)
364. Postgraduate Diploma in Science (Nanoscience)
365. Post graduate diploma in Science (Biochemistry)
366. Postgraduate Diploma in Gastronomy
367. Bachelor of Mathematical Science:
368. Graduate Diploma in Science in Geology
369. Master of Sustainable Development Goals
370. Chemical Technologies
371. Diploma in Hospitality Management
372. Bioscience – Molecular Bio design
373. Astrophysics BSc (Hons)
374. Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology BSc (Hons)
375. Mathematics with Statistics BSc (Hons)
376. MSc Pharmaceutical Chemistry
377. MSc Wildlife and Conservation Management
378. BSc (Hons) Human Biology & Infectious diseases
379. Forensic Archaeology and Anthropology MSc
380. MSc Molecular Medicine
381. MSc Green Chemistry and Sustainable Industrial Technology
382. Pharmaceutical Quality by Design
383. MSc Cancer Immunotherapy
384. MSc Water and Environmental Management MSc
385. Environmental Pollution Control MSc
386. MSc Waste and Resource Management
387. MSc/PgDip/PgCert Molecular and Cell Biology
388. MSc Renewable Energy
389. MSc Wildlife Biology & Conservation
390. MSc Dietetics
391. Animal Behaviour Applications for Conservation MSc
392. Computational Biology (BS)

Sports & Games Management

1. Master of Management (Sport Management)
2. Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science
3. Bachelor of Sport Coaching
4. Sport and Physical Activity Leadership
5. Game Level Design
6. Sport and Event Marketing
7. sport business management
8. Recreation Therapy
9. sports administration
10. Sport and Event Marketing
11. Exercise Science for Health and Performance
12. Game – Art
13. Sport Management
14. Game Programming
15. Advance Diploma Game Programming
16. Advanced Diploma in Game Development
17. Recreation and Sport Management
18. Recreation and Sport Services
19. Recreation & Leisure Services
20. Recreation Therapy
21. Sport Management Diploma in Sport Management, Bachelor of Sport & Fitness
22. Sport Science (Diploma)
23. Game – Programming
24. Diploma in Golf and Recreational Club Management
25. MBA – Sports Management
26. International Sport & Event Management, Master of Arts
27. Bachelor of Arts Sport Coaching & Business Management (Soccer)
28. Master of Science in Sports Performance Analysis
29. IBA (Bachelor) Sport Business Management
30. Graduate Diploma in Physical Conditioning (Level 7)
31. Diploma in Applied sport and exercise leadership (Level 5) (Speciality)
32. International Diploma in Gaming and Animation Technology
33. Bachelor of Science Sport and Exercise Science
34. Sports Coaching and Physical Education BSc (Hons)
35. BSc (Hons) Sport, Physical Activity and Health
36. Football Studies BA (Hons)
37. Sport Science and Coaching
38. Sport Conditioning, Rehabilitation and Massage – BSc (Hons) Degree
39. BA (Hons) 3D Games Art & Design
40. Sport Performance Analysis Masters
41. Management, Law and Humanities of Sport MA
42. MSC Sports Engineering
43. Masters in Physical education and sports pedagogy
44. Strength, Conditioning and Performance MSc

Social Care

1. Master of Social Work
2. Master of Social Work (Graduate Entry)
3. Master of Public Health and Master of Health Administration
4. Master of Management
5. Bachelor of Social Work
6. Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)
7. Social Service Worker (Fast Track)
8. Bachelor of Child and Youth Care
9. Bachelors Cognitive Science
10. Psychology
11. BSW
12. Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) Programs
13. Gerontology
14. Health Information Management
15. TRU Education and Social Work
16. Master of Public Health
17. Bachelor of Early Childhood Care and Education Degree
18. Advanced Health Care Leadership
19. Health Care Administration
20. AEC – Early Childhood Education
21. Applied Behaviour Analysis (Autism) Post Baccalaureate Certificate
22. Addictions and Mental Health
23. Autism & behavioural science
24. Systems Navigator (Graduate Certificate)
25. Retirement Residence Management
26. Victimology
27. Therapeutic Recreation
28. Masters Psychology: Clinical
29. Master of Science in Kinesiology (MSc)
30. Masters in social work – gerontology / women studies
31. Advanced Diploma in Child and Youth Worker (CCPG)
32. Child and Youth Care Accelerated
33. Continuing Care Assistant
34. Early Childhood Education Certificate
35. Community Services and Child Studies Foundations
36. Developmental Services Worker (DSWP)
37. Developmental Services Worker
38. Developmental Services Worker – Accelerated
39. Criminal and Social Justice – Diploma
40. Recreation Therapy
41. Developmental Services Worker
42. Recreation Therapy Accelerated
43. Recreation and Leisure Services
44. Early Childhood Education
45. Community & Justice Services (Correctional Worker)
46. Developmental Services Worker (Fast Track)
47. Recreation and Community Development
48. Recreation and Community Development – Diploma
49. Fitness and Health Promotion
50. Social Service Worker – Gerontology
51. Early Childhood Education (Accelerated)
52. Personal Support Worker (PSWC)
53. social service worker-immigration and refugees
54. Office Administration – Health Services
55. Fitness and Health Promotion
56. Community and Justice Services
57. Pre-Social Work
58. Psychology
59. Associate of Arts Degree in Pre-Social Work
60. Community, Family & Child Studies
61. Social Services Diploma
62. Social Sciences: Individual and Society
63. Social Service Worker Intensive (accelerated)
64. Community and Justice Service
65. M Sc Clinical Neuroscience
66. Master of Health
67. Postgraduate Diploma in Health in Health Leadership and Management
68. Graduate Diploma in Arts (Psychology)
69. Master of Applied Practice (Social Practice)
70. Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology
71. Postgraduate Diploma in Health Science
72. Post graduate diploma in Health Policy, Planning and Service Delivery
73. Graduate Certificate in Infection Prevention & Control
74. Graduate Diploma in Professional Practice (Occupational Health and Safety)
75. Graduate Diploma in Social Services (Career Practice), (Disability Support and
Coordination) or (Mental Health Support)
76. Graduate Diploma in Addiction, Alcohol and Drug Studies
77. Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Professional Studies – Mentoring and Leadership
78. Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health Management
79. BA (Hons) Integrated Health and Social Care
80. Criminology with Psychology BA (Honors)
81. MSC Health Psychology
82. MSC Developmental Psychology
83. Global Governance and Sustainable Development MA
84. MSc Peace and Conflict Studies
85. Leadership and Management for Healthcare Practice MSc
86. Youth and Community Development Studies MA/PG Dip
87. Global Mental Health MSc
88. Gerontology & Ageing MA/MSc
89. Sociology MA
90. Sport Psychology Masters – MSc
91. MSc Behaviour Analysis and Therapy
92. MSc Safety, Health and Environmental Management
93. MA Public Administration and Public Policy
94. Childhood Development and Wellbeing in Practice
95. MSc Healthcare Management
96. Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology
97. MA, Human Service
98. MBA, Health Care Management Specialization
99. Bachelor of Science in Education & Human Sciences