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Nurses FAQ

Jobs in UK

  • Band 5 Salary from £24,907 – £28,746 (once you possess NMC PIN number)
  • Full-time permanent positions, 37.5-hour working week
  • Flights into the country reimbursed
  • Visa fees refunded
  • Assistance and support with accommodation
  • OSCE test fee paid upfront by the hospital
  • OSCE training provided by the hospital
  • Career progression/professional development opportunities
  • Extra pay for shift differential, overtime & weekend shifts
  • Paid annual leave: 27 days per annum plus 8 public holidays
  • Access to generous NHS Pension scheme

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Jobs in Ireland

  • Once NMI receives all the correct forms and documents, they will provide an assessment within 90 days.
  • Salary from €29,860 – €46,501 per annum based on years of experience
  • Permanent, full-time contracts 
  • 39 hours of work per week
  • 24 days annual leave plus 9 public holidays 
  • Accommodation assistance and support 
  • Professional development and educational opportunities
  • There are typically 4 branches of nursing practiced in Ireland
  • These include general adult nursing, intellectual disability nursing, psychiatric nursing and children’s nursing
  • The Overseas Aptitude Test is coordinated and managed by the Faculty of Nursing & Midwifery in the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland (RCSI). This test doesn’t require an employer to sponsor you (although you can choose to obtain employer sponsorship) whereas the Adaptation and Assessment Test does.
  • The Adaptation and Assessment Test states that you must find an employer to sponsor you to work as a nurse in Ireland. This is a supervised assessment where you will work in an Irish healthcare facility for 6 weeks. If you complete this successfully, you will receive an official nurse pin and can complete registration with the NMBI. 
  • The Overseas Aptitude Test only takes around 10-14 days to complete but the Adaptation & Assessment Test can take several months.

Jobs in US

  • Meet the educational & licensure requirements in home country.  

    You’ve graduated from an accredited nursing program 
    You’re licensed as a registered nurse in your country 
    You’ve worked as a RN for at least one year 
  • Pass the Academic IELTS exam 
    You will need 7 or above in speaking and 6.5 overall. 
  • Pass your National Council Licensing Examination (NCLEX)
  • Register with a recruitment agency that can arrange job interviews for you.

    Tell us about your nursing experience and where you’d like to work and we’ll find the perfect employer for you.
  • Attend Interview & Accept Job Offer

    We’ll prepare you for your clinical interview and guide you through your employment contract
  • Get an RN immigrant visa/green card. 
    To get an immigrant visa, you’ll need the following:
    US-based employer who will be the petitioner for your immigrant visa. 
    A Visa Screen Certificate (VSC) issued by the CGFNS (
  • Complete medical exam and immigrant visa interview.
  • Arrive in the US, secure your nursing license & start your new job
  • You will receive a green card which will allow you to stay in the U.S. permanently
  • You can apply for US citizenship after 5 years
  • The NCLEX determines if it is safe for you to begin practicing as a nurse in the U.S.
  • You can obtain a U.S. RN license only after you pass the NCLEX exam
  • Yes! You will need to commit to work for your employer for 2-3 years
  • The amount of time you will need to work for your employer varies by hospital
  • Our clients are prestigious hospitals throughout the U.S.
  • You’ll learn cutting edge skills and advance your nursing career
  • We do not charge any kind of recruitment or processing fees
  • We will guide you through the VisaScreen certification & licensure process
  • We will assist you & your immediate family to receive green cards
  • We’ll book your flight, pick you up at the airport and arrange temporary accommodation
  • We’ll be by your side during your first week in America to make sure you and your family are
    comfortable and settled.

Jobs in Australia


  1. If your facility is considering international recruitment, you will come across two very different models:

    Direct Hire
    Once the international nurse arrives at your facility, he/she becomes your permanent employee and receives the same salary and benefits as your regular nursing staff.

    Contract Hire
    The international nurse is employed by a staffing agency that contracts their services to your facility. Agencies usually charge hefty fees which can increase your staffing expenditure substantially.

    At JNJ International, we believe your nurse staffing crisis can be solved by placing permanent, international nurses at your facility. We believe these direct-hire nurses can deliver more consistent quality of care for your patients and reduce your overall spend on recruitment.

  1. JNJ International works closely with clients to coordinate the arrival of their international nurses.

    We arrange flights, airport pickup, temporary housing, transportation, setting up a bank accounts and other essential tasks.

    We make sure every nurse settles in successfully into their new job and community.

Training FAQ

About IELTS and OET

About Our Training

1 hour a day or longer if required (trainer discretion)

Special packages are available to suit your specific needs.

A crash course is usually for a minimum of 3 weeks. You can avail this type of course if you have attended the exam more than once and have trouble in 1 or 2 modules.